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Eco Diving Courses, Koh Tao

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Eco Diving Courses


Crystal Dive is at the forefront of marine conservation on Koh Tao with involvement in numerous projects through partners; Eco Koh Tao and internationally through Project Aware, Coralwatch and Reef Check.


Eco Diving - Koh Tao, Thailand


All of our Divemasters and Instructors have undertaken Reef Check Training to ensure they are all expertly informed about the marine environment.

Eco Koh Tao

Together with Project Aware, Coralwatch and Reef Check, our reef surveys are helping to keep an accurate database on the condition of the reef.



Project AWARE


The Project AWARE specialty course is designed to familiarize divers and non-divers with the plight of worldwide ecosystems & what we can do to help protect aquatic resources. This one-day course includes one dive (or snorkel for non-divers) to explore the local environment paying particular interest to the plight of local environmental concerns.

PADI Materials Included:
.PADI AWARE: Our World Our Water Specialty Manual


Book Now! Course Price: 3,900 THB (2,500 THB Non-Divers/Snorkelers)


AWARE Coral Reef Conservation


The coral reef conservation specialty course is designed to educate divers and non-divers to the plight of the worlds coral reefs. The course develops an intimate understanding of the reef ecosystem and why it is so vital for its conservation. Using Coralwatch, a PADI initiative, you will contribute directly to the conservation of local reefs.


PADI Materials Included:
.PADI AWARE: Our World Our Water Specialty Manual


Book Now! Course Price: 3,900 THB (2 Dives/Snorkel)


Fish Identification


On a dive around Koh Tao you can see hundreds of fish. This two dive specialty is designed to enable you to identify a wide variety of fish throughout different diving environments. We provide you with the tools to develop an intimate knowledge and awareness of the aquatic animals with which we share the underwater world.

This course combines ideally with Underwater Photography and Project Aware specialties.


Book Now! Course Price: 4,400 THB (2 Dives)




This Specialty course is designed to create a substantial understanding of the aquatic ecosystem. We also endeavor to develop an awareness of the intricate balance of life within reef systems, to evoke a sense of responsibility and to expand your knowledge of aquatic life.


Book Now! Course Price: 4,400 THB (2 Dives)


Reef Check Eco Diver - Become An Eco-Diver!


The ECO-DIVER course will open your eyes to the underwater world and you will see it in a whole different light. After this 4-day course you will be certified to join survey teams around the globe and submit data to their Team scientists.

Dual Certification results from the PADI Project Aware Specialty Course to introduce divers to the plight of worldwide aquatic ecosystems and to describe what they can do to help protect them. In addition you’ll receive instruction in Project Aware’s Coralwatch Program in conjunction with Queensland University, Australia.


PADI Materials Included:
.PADI AWARE: Our World Our Water Specialty Manual Digital Version
.Reef Check Ecodiver Pack incl Underwater ID cards
.Digital Manual & Reef Check Methods DVD


Book Now! Course Price: 11,900 THB


Discover Reef Check


This one-day program will introduce you to the Reef Check methods of surveying reefs and collecting data for worldwide research. It will show you the aquatic environment in an entirely different light. We’ll also introduce you to PADI’s Coralwatch Program in conjunction with Queensland University, Australia.


Book Now! Course Price: 3,000 THB (1 Dive)




Worldwide aquatic ecosystems are in constant decline and without detailed information into their current health nothing can be done to preserve them. PADI’s Coralwatch program is a very simple coral reef monitoring system which can be undertaken by anyone our for a dive. Learn about the local environment whilst making a valuable contribution to science.


Book Now! Course Price: Free! (with fun dives at resort)




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