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EMS Diver medical Responder Course (DMR), Koh Tao

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EMS Diver Medical Responder (DMR)


It is a requirement that any diver undertaking rescue level training or above have some emergency medical training.


As dive professionals we felt that we had a duty of care to our students and colleagues and that it was not only imperative to have a greater level of training and knowledge, but to feel equipped to deal with any dive emergency should one arise.


EMS Diver Medical Responder (DMR)


It was with this in mind that the Diver Medical Responder Courses were designed.


Aimed at the Recreational/Technical diving professional, these courses will allow you to develop the necessary skills and understanding to respond effectively to any medical emergency.


Price: 30,000 THB


Contact: Tel: +66 (0)89 8670671 / Web: www.emsinternational.org




What is the Diver Medical Responder?


The PADI Diver Medical Responder (DMR) courses are distinctive specialties which offer 4 tiers of training, designed to build on the EFR qualification & educate dive professionals how to deal with many different types of emergency which they may encounter - whether diving or non-diving related – as well as a basic knowledge of hyperbaric medicine.


EMS Diver Medical Responder (DMR)


Completion of the DMR allows dive professionals (EFR or above) the confidence and skills necessary to deal with common diving, traumatic and medical emergencies, thereby making them a significant asset to any dive company.


On successful completion of the modules, students are certified not only as PADI Diver Medical Responder but also gain the Exmed Challenging Environments Emergency Responder (First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPoS - i) qualification) and Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA) Certification, underwritten by the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. These vocational qualifications are recognized outside the dive industry.


EMS Diver Medical Responder (DMR)


The course is designed to be modular in format, making it easier for dive professionals to afford the time. The four, five-day modules can be completed in a one-month block or as separate entities (maximum allowable time between each course is 1 year with each stage being valid for three years).


EMS Diver Medical Responder (DMR)


Diver Medical Responder (DMR) Courses in Koh Tao


These courses are only available from EMS International and run each month on Koh Tao, Thailand, although, alternative locations can be arranged. A comprehensive introduction to both diving and non-diving medical emergencies, the Diver Medical Responder course is designed to prepare divers for any emergency.


Course Structure


• DMR 1


- Physics and physiology of diving
- Decompression illness and barotrauma
- Hazardous marine life injuries and treatments
- How to perform the neurological assessment
- An in depth look at the WRSTC Medical Statement
- Lifestyle factors and their implications with diving
- Evacuation methods, incorporating:
- Drags, lifts & carries
- Improvised litters
- Use of the Sked (in-water & on land)
- Review of hyperbaric oxygen therapy


Price: 30,000 THB




- Scene safety and mechanism of injury
- Airway management
- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
- Defibrillation and administration of oxygen
- Breathing assessment and support -
- Bleeding and haemorrhage control
- Management of burns
- Extremity trauma management
- Basic head injury management
- Medical emergencies including:
- Diabetic incidents
- Cardiovascular incidents
- Stroke management
- Acute asthmatic incidents
- Management of anaphylaxis
- Epilepsy
- Road traffic collision management


Price: 35,000 THB




- Management of traumatic injuries
- Oxygen therapy and the use of pulse oximetry
- Airway management, including surgical airways
- Management of chest injury, including needle decompression
- Review of the circulatory system and haemorrhage control
- Shock and fluid replacement (I.V & I.O)
- Review of head injuries and managing TBI
- Review of medical emergencies
- Treating fractures, dislocations and burns
- Environmental illnesses and how to treat them
- Remote area and prolonged patient care


Price: 55,000 THB




- Medical planning, preparation and camp craft
- Common primary health care issues and treatments
- Use of analgesia and antibiotics
- Patient history taking and clinical examination
- Wound cleansing and common closure types
- Musculoskeletal injuries
- Tropical diseases and prevention.
- Bites, stings and envenomation
- Evacuation methods and communications

An in-depth look at the following topics:


• Oxygen therapy
• Hyperbaric chamber operation
• Treatment tables
• Tender/Operator duties


Price: 30,000 THB




Tel: +66 (0)89 8670671
Web: www.emsinternational.org




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