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PADI Scuba Review - Refresher Course, Koh Tao

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PADI Scuba Review Refresher Course


Haven’t been diving in a while? Would you like to ease back into things before taking the next step on the PADI ladder?


PADI Scuba Review - Koh Tao, Thailand


Whether just looking at taking in some fun dives during your visit to Koh Tao or interested in continuing your PADI education, the PADI Scuba Review program is the perfect start to your scuba vacation.


To enroll on the PADI Scuba Review program you must be a certified diver with a recognized training organisation.


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Course Price: 1,800 THB



PADI Scuba Review @ Crystal Dive


Our PADI Scuba Review Refresher course includes:


Dive theory refresh and scuba tune up review
Full skill circuit conducted by a PADI Instructor or PADI Divemaster in our swimming pool
Rental of all scuba equipment


Refresh Now!

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Course Price: 1,800 THB


Refresh Your Life!


Once you have refreshed your skills and knowledge you can....


Take advantage of our special ‘Reactive’ promotion.
Sign up for a PADI "Continuing Education" course and enjoy an attractive 10% discount through Crystal Dive Resort.
Sign up for fun dives at our lowest discounted rate as well as enjoy this discount on any future fun dives you take with us.


What Will You Refresh?


Knowledge Development


Your PADI Divemaster or Instructor will spend some time refreshing your general scuba knowledge. Topics will include safe dive practices, the effects of pressure on air spaces, dive planning, buddy procedures, emergency procedures and underwater communication. You will also complete a basic scuba tune up quiz.


What Will You Reactivate?


Confined Water Training


We will then remind you how to assemble your scuba equipment, take you through the pre dive safety check and make a giant stride entry into our swimming pool.


PADI Scuba Review - Koh Tao, Thailand


Here we will guide through the basic scuba skill circuit, reintroducing you to the 24 basic scuba skills you mastered during your entry level scuba diving course and giving you plenty of time to practice these skills and become comfortable in the water once more.


Some of the skills you will refresh will include:


Mask & Regulator clearing.
Removing and replacing the mask.
Buoyancy – Fin Pivots and Hovering.
Swimming underwater.
Airway control.
Communication and hand signals underwater.


Special Attention!


Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Some dive centers may tell you that it’s best to complete the PADI Scuba Review in the ocean. On a perfect day completing some aspects of confined water in a shallow bay can be fun and exciting but when you are breathing from scuba for the first time in a long time, feeling a little apprehensive and nervous, and being asked to complete skills such as removing and replacing the mask or regulator underwater, the guaranteed calm and clear conditions a swimming pool offers is the best place for you.


Shallow bays are not ideal if there is any wind, waves, poor visibility or other environmental conditions that will negatively affect the safety or comfort of either student or Instructor. And here on Koh Tao, with lots of snorkelers in the water, lots of small boats using the beach to drop snorkelers off the numerous interruptions are not conducive to reactivating your love for scuba nor refreshing your skills.


Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose PADI. Choose Crystal Dive.


Refresh Now!

Book Now!
Course Price: 1,800 THB





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