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PADI Divemaster Internship, ThailandMagdalena - Divemaster Internship


Name: Magdalena Skowronska

Hometown: Krakow, Poland

Age: 28


Internship: PADI Divemaster



What 'Diving Lifestyle' Internship program did you complete?


I completed the PADI Divemaster Internship 'Lifestyle' program.


PADI Divemaster Internship - Koh Tao, Thailand


What where you doing before you joined Crystal Dive's team to complete your scuba diving internship (Diving Lifestyle Program) on Koh Tao?


I came here from Norway where I was working as a bartender.


How long have you spent completing your scuba diving internship?


After I have finished my Rescue course it took me 35 days to become a PADI Divemaster. Then I went travelling for a month. Now I am full of energy and ready for a new challenge, which Crystal Dives 'Working Internship Program' certainly is.


What was your favourite part of the scuba diving Internship and why?


The greatest thing was to join a great DMT team that we had when I was doing my training. Everyone helped and supported each other, making everyday a special day. The Instructors at Crystal, along with the DM team were also extremely helpful and patient.


PADI Divemaster Internship - Koh Tao, Thailand


I learnt so much during the 5 weeks. I have found some very good friends and we are going to keep in touch long after we leave Koh Tao.


What was your least favourite part and why?


I guess it was the 'leaving' part... and coming back. A lot of my friends already left when I came back and there were so many new faces that i needed to get to know during my first few days, but now I know all of them.


Who was your favourite Instructor and why?


My mentor was Vik and we really got along, not only because he is also Polish but he is very funny and has a lot of knowledge. Also I had a lot of fun assisting Dirk and Han Song.


As a qualified PADI Divemaster (or Instructor), what are you future plans with regards to scuba?


I want to work as Dive Master for some time and then I am going back to Norway to save up some more money and definitely I am going to do the IDC and MSDT this year, but I am thinking about going another direction this time - Mexico and some cave diving.


PADI Divemaster Internship - Koh Tao, Thailand


And what about Koh Tao?


I did my first dive here in 2014 and I loved it so much that I decided that I am coming back here for sure to 'Go Pro'. So I will keep on coming back here from time to time.


And your favourite restaurant on Koh Tao?


I live next to Yang's so I am there almost every day but my favourite is Coconut Monkey.


How did you spend your non diving days on Koh Tao?


There were not so many non-diving days for me here, but usually I was on the beach to make even my 'Divers tan' and read a book.


Where are you heading next?


I am going to stay some time on Koh Tao and then my friend is coming to visit me so we are going to travel around Thailand together and I hope to convince her to come here and dive with us! Maybe she is going to become a professional diver too!





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