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PADI Divemaster Internship - ThailandWarren - Divemaster Internship


Name: Warren Hardie
Instagram: @hotdogwaz

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, California

Age: 25


Internship: PADI Divemaster



What PADI scuba diving Internship program did you complete?


I completed Open Water to Divemaster Internship program.


PADI Divemaster Internship - Crystal Dive, Thailand


What were you doing before you joined Crystal Dive?


Before finding myself at Crystal, I spent some time working in the Greek Islands and then trekking around the globe.


How long have you spent completing your scuba diving internship?


From the beginning of my open water the internship took me about 10 weeks to complete.


What was your favourite part of your scuba diving internship and why?


Would have to say the best part of the internship was all the time spent under water with the amazing sea life. What's not to love about that?


PADI Divemaster Internship - Crystal Dive, Thailand


What was your least favourite and why?


Picking up Lee's slack and carrying tanks for sure!


Who was your favourite instructor and why?


My favourite instructor was my mentor Matt. Not only did you guide me through my program but he is an amazing Instructor.


During your scuba diving internship which of the additional Marine Conservation 'ECO' program activities did you take part in and which did you enjoy the most?


I really enjoyed my times working in the Eco Koh Tao department here at Crystal. I got reef check certified and worked on all sorts of other Eco projects. Some of these include Drupella collections, beach & reef cleans, and coral transplants.


Eco Diving - Crystal Dive, Thailand


You learn so much about the reefs and eco conservation which has definitely inspired me to make some sustainability changes in my own life. Safe to say the Eco team at Crystal is the best on Koh Tao!


Do you think our additional Marine Conservation 'ECO' program was beneficial to your Professional level scuba diving training and if so why?


The eco training helps heaps with all aspects of your dive training. It provides you a broad knowledge base of the reef ecosystem, how to interact with it, and how to dive appropriately around it. Whether it's identifying fish for other divers, pointing out hazards on the reef, or just word of mouth information on ocean conservation, all the eco programs are extremely beneficial for any diver.


As a qualified PADI Divemaster what are your future plans with regards to scuba?


I would be very interested in working with any Eco Conservation diving programs but I have no definite plans just yet. Anything I can do with diving to keep our beautiful ocean beautiful is a win in my book.


Eco Diving - Crystal Dive, Thailand


And what about Koh Tao....


Looking forward to spending another month on Koh Tao as a working Divemaster and enjoying the island.


Favourite Restaurant?


Love me some Tuktaa!


How did you spend your non-diving days?


Sleeping obviously. No, our off days were the best. Whether it was searching for turtles or shark at shark bay, being devoured by mosquito's rock climbing in the hills, or exploring one of the many viewpoints there was never a dull moment.


Where are you heading to next?


Heading to Nepal to hike the Annapurna trail for a month and then to Indonesia to find some waves. Then who knows?





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