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Koh Tao Weather


The weather in Koh Tao is a typically tropical climate. We are lucky to be able to dive all year round. Even when we have windy days, we are able to move around the island and dive a sheltered site.


Due to the small size of Koh Tao we also get much less rain than our larger neighbours, Koh Samui & Koh Phangan.


Wherever in the world you are travelling and diving, the weather is always one of the most important factors to consider.


Thankfully we don't have the same 'monsoon' season as the west coast!



January – February


The beginning of the year offers some of the best all round weather. The monsoon winds calm to reveal flat seas, beautiful sunshine & amazing sunsets. The sea is flat calm and within a few weeks of the monsoons end, the visibility is often as far as 30 metres.


Koh Tao Weather


Great diving, calm seas, plenty of sunshine and an average water temperature of 28-29 degrees.


March - April – May


This is summertime…. and it's HOT! We have the traditional Thai holidays as the country celebrate their New Year with the annual Songkran water festival taking place on April 13th. This tends to be the best time of year for underwater visibility with flat mirror like surface conditions providing your best opportunity to see Whalesharks.


It is also the time of year where we have regularly tropical storms, normally in the evenings. More often than not you can watch the lightning flashes and hear the thunder in the distance where the storms are far out to sea, or over the mainland. Water temperature is touching 30 degrees.


June – August


With a change in the wind direction, Koh Tao experiences a cooling wind coming across from the south west. This causes some waves, as well as a few afternoon storms but the sun is still shining throughout this period. This is the time of the year where we spend more time diving the east coast where the water is flat calm and clear.


September- October


Temperatures both above and below the water drop a little as we begin to enter the "winter" months, but luckily Koh Tao still experiences beautiful sunny days with calm seas and good diving leading all the way through until the monsoon starts.


Occasionally the island may experience a few days of wind and bluster - usually catching the edge of a typhoon that is hitting the Philippines - but probably the best time to visit. It's quiet, and there are good possibilities of Whaleshark sightings.


November- December


The "monsoon" on Koh Tao isn't anywhere near as intense as in other areas of Thailand, or South East Asia in general. It usually consists of 3-4 weeks of sporadic rain, with an increase in wind, this time coming from a north easterly direction.


The visibility deteriorates and we experience our biggest swells of the year, along with our lowest water temperature; a frosty 26 degrees (!). The main part is usually throughout November but a late monsoon can creep into December.





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