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Crystal Dive Teams up with Jeff Corwin


Crystal Dive Resort and its partner conservation team, Eco Koh Tao have been at the forefront of marine conservation projects on Koh Tao for many years. Conducting Reef Check Ecological Surveys, developing artificial reefs and coral nurseries and fixing mooring buoys are just some of the integral conservation projects where our Eco team have been leaders.


Jeff Corwin in Koh Tao


When we were contacted in late 2014 by the team from "Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin", we were delighted to be involved in showcasing some of our work.


On March 11 the team from Ocean Mysteries, hosted by Jeff Corwin, travelled from Koh Samui for a day in the water around Koh Tao. Two of our major projects at the moment involve active restoration of the near shore coral reefs; one involved growing and propagating corals and the other giant clams.


The first stop was at Twins where host Jeff and Eco Koh Tao’s Conservation Coordinator Nathan Cook and Kailash Cook took to the waters to collect some coral fragments. These were brought back to the boat and placed on coral nursery trays before being returned to the nursery to grow.


Jeff Corwin in Koh Tao


To conclude the scene Nathan and Kailash showed Jeff how to transplant coral fragments onto the nearby artificial reef. This important reef restoration process helps to regenerate and restore compromised corals on some our near shore reefs which are subject to increased stresses from local and international pressures.


Jeff Corwin in Koh Tao


After lunch on board our second stop was at our local in house artificial reef, Junkyard where another important reef restoration process is underway, this time with giant clams. Giant Clams are an iconic reef species under pressure throughout the tropics as people remove them for food and souvenirs.


For the last 2 years Eco Koh Tao has been looking after a batch of some 450 giant clams in protective cages underwater until they are big enough to survive on their own.


Jeff Corwin in Koh TaoAs part of this process, one the clams are big enough they are being transplanted from their nursery cage out onto the natural reef.


Nathan, Kailash and Jeff took to the waters of Mae Haad and moved some of the mature giant clams, 18 in total.


So far we have transplanted over 150 giant clams with a success rate above 80%. This is far better than previous efforts where success was virtually zero. These clams will provide important water filtration services helping to maintain and improve the water quality around Koh Tao.


It was a great day out and provided Eco Koh Tao and Crystal Dive a unique opportunity to showcase our amazing coral reef conservation work to the world.


We are especially thankful to Jeff Corwin and his team for making the effort to come to Koh Tao and get involved in our conservation projects first hand.


"Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin" airs on the ABC network in the USA. We will keep you posted on when Eco Koh Tao and Crystal Dive will be featured on one of their episodes.


Author: Nathan Cook (Eco Koh Tao)


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