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Crystal Dive > News Archive > 2015 > September 3rd


A Divemaster's Day Off


Having completed a scuba diving internship program with Crystal Dive earlier this year, I hit the jackpot and was taken on the DM team in July - just in time for high season. Working on the DM team you get two days off a fortnight; my first thought was "what can I do other than dive on Koh Tao?"


My first day off was spent.... diving!


However, on my first day off the boat was going to Sail Rock, obviously a dive site I can't say no to! Sail Rock is one of the most famous dive sites here and is always guaranteed to be a good day out, not to mention the great lunch!


So up early on a day off (not that I minded).


We decided to descend at the secret pinnacle at Sail Rock, I had never been there before and as soon as we descended we were greeted by a beautiful school of Chevron barracuda that surrounded us for a few minutes which was incredible. We hovered close to the bottom, just admiring them circling us until they swam away.


Koh Tao, Thailand


Another great thing about Sail Rock is that I always seem to see a lot of Queenfish, this dive was no exception; Queenfish are one of my favorite things to see and fish that you don't see all the time at other dive sites. The visibility was the best I'd ever seen so we went to the chimney and as I swam up looking at the coral, a moray eel joined me and swam up too which was pretty cool, I don't often see them swimming about.


After the two dives we did it was time to head back to Crystal, by the time the boat gets back around 3pm I can't say I had much planned other than to just relax by the beach and have enjoy a few drinks.


My Koh Tao Bucket List


Since arriving on Koh Tao I have had a list of places I've wanted to see, but for some reason in the last 4 months I never got round to actually ticking much off my list. I can say I have seen and explored every dive site here, however I had not seen much of the island itself!


So on my second day off I wanted to go exploring, I roped a friend into taking me on his bike around the island to various different viewpoints.


Objective 1: Get a cheesy photo at 'Love' View Point


I have seen photo after photo of all my friends sitting at 'Love' View Point and it made me want that cliché photo with the 'Love Koh Tao' sign in the background!


Koh Tao, Thailand


There is a little café at the view point where you can sit and look out at the stunning view in front of you, it was more beautiful then it looked in the photos and was definitely worth the short uphill bike journey.


All I kept thinking was that the view looks like a post card!


We stayed there for a bit, watched one of the Crystal dive boats from a distance returning to the pier then back on the bike to the next view point on my list. Oh and I got my cheesy photo!


Objective 2: Two Views


A bit further up from 'Love' View Point is Two Views. This was the point of the island that I have wanted to visit the most; it is about a ten minute up hill drive from 'Love' View Point and then about a 20 minute walk.


Two views is one of the highest peaks of Koh Tao and honestly is breathtaking I can't even explain it, all I can say is if you are visiting Koh Tao making the trip up to this view point is a must!


My days off managed to fall on two perfect days of weather to go exploring, especially to go to Two Views. Even though it was really hot the clear skies meant you could clearly see Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.


It was so relaxing and peaceful up there I could have stayed all day; we stayed up there for awhile enjoying the stunning view then headed back down the hill home.


The last night of my two days off we decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants Lung Pae which is well known for the best steak on Koh Tao. Lung Pae is located at the top of the island somewhere I would not want to drive too, luckily the restaurant has a taxi that comes to pick you up.


After a great two days off, it was back to work.


Objective for my next days off..?? Try Muay Thai (Thai Boxing!)


Author: Jasmine Defty (PADI DM #364107)





..September 2015


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