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PADI Freediving


During the 2015 annual DEMA trade show, PADI, the world largest scuba diving training agency, made a huge step into the freediving world, announcing its brand new Freediving program, which now includes three levels for students as well as different levels of instructor's ratings.


Freediving - Koh Tao, Thailand


Crystal Dive immediately became one of the first dive centers on Koh Tao to fully integrate freediving courses into our day to day activities.


So What Has Changed?


To enroll in a Beginner Freediver course you don't need prior experience in snorkeling, freediving or scuba diving. All you need is to be 15 years old, with adequate swimming skills and relatively good physical health.


All three levels of the PADI Freediver program consist of three parts – knowledge development, confined and open water sessions. Let's have a closer look at each part....


Knowledge Development


Since November, materials for the freediving courses are now available in the form of interactive "PADI Freediver Touch". Students can access it from the convenience of their tablets even without internet connection. It integrates the Freediver manual, videos, knowledge reviews and the final exam.


Freediving - Koh Tao, Thailand


Good news – the "PADI Freediver Touch" also includes all learning materials for the PADI Advanced Freediver and Master Freediver courses. This allows students to start learning more advanced knowledge, even before they start next course! You can also refresh your knowledge at anytime, after a period of inactivity.


Crystal Dive provides students with the "PADI Freediver Touch" to be used during the class room sessions conducted by one of our PADI Freediver Instructors.


During this knowledge development session your PADI Free Diving Instructor will take you through important aspects of freediving such as physiology, specific breathing for freediving, safety and correct techniques.


Looks simple? Here is the simplest question from freediving course for you:

"Can you describe how and why we breathe?"


Not sure? Sign up for Freediver course and you will learn much more interesting things.


Confined Water


The next part of the course is confined water training. We believe the best place to conduct confined water training is a swimming pool. Here at Crystal Dive we have two swimming pools for freediving training!


Freediving - Koh Tao, Thailand


In a shallow, safe and clear environment students are initially introduced to, and spend time practicing important freediving skills such as static and dynamic apnea, safety and rescue skills.


Plus, right from the beginning, we are going to work on your proper buddy procedure.


Our swimming pool training is as fun as possible with plenty of swimming, allowing our students to work on their fining technique, equalization and confidence in the water.


Saving The Best 'Till Last - Open Water Training Session


And finally the last and most exciting part of the freediver course is two open water sessions. This is where you put everything you have learnt into practice.


Freediving - Koh Tao, Thailand


During the first session, with a maximum depth of eight meters, you will practice techniques such as free immersion and constant weight diving. On this session we concentrated more on a correct techniques and equalization rather than depth and personals records.


On the second session you have the chance to set a personal best free dive, with the maximum depth of this session being 16 meters! We will also teach you how safety techniques and procedures for your buddy as well as practicing rescue skills.


Wanna Be A Fish?


Give Freediving a go and Book Now! - www.crystalfreediving.com


Freediving - Koh Tao, Thailand


Author: Sergey Busgarin (PADI Freediving Instructor #295053)





..January 2016


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