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Sharing Your Scuba Love!


How to get Friends and Family Diving


Scuba diving is truly a fantastic hobby. You get to go on exciting underwater adventures, meet new people and of course it's a great way to travel the world. Having the opportunity to share these experiences with your partner, family and friends - as your dive buddy - makes the experience even more enjoyable as you get to share those magical moments with people you care for.


Koh Tao Island, Thailand




You need to sow the seeds of excitement in the minds of those close to you. Sharing stories of cute turtles, vibrant coral reefs and beautiful colourful fish will have their imaginations running in no time. Try not to bring up dive experiences involving sharks, ripping currents or night dives as these all make for exciting dives for experienced divers but may sound daunting to novices who haven't even had the chance to breathe underwater yet.


Scuba Diving - Koh Tao Island, Thailand


The ocean can hold fears for many people but focusing on the more positive aspects like the sensation of weightlessness, the ease of gliding around the dive sites and the feeling of freedom that comes with being a scuba diver. Even encouraging your friend to watch movies like the 'Little Mermaid' and 'Finding Nemo' will raise excitement and curiosity levels to nudge them towards giving blowing bubbles a go.


Relate To Their Usual Interests


To increase interest levels try relating scuba diving to another activity they already hold as an interest or pastime. For instance if the person is enthusiastic in keeping fit and hitting the gym then you can point out that scuba diving is a form of exercise and will help burn calories while having fun.


Scuba Diving - Koh Tao Island, Thailand


For people who are environmentally engaged and believe that positive action can help save the world then diving is a perfect sport to heighten their environmental awareness.


There are many ways scuba diving is a medium that raises awareness and educate oneself when diving. If they are a very social person who likes to chat away and make new friends then they will enjoy diving as it is a social hobby which after a couple of dives people will usually debrief and chat about the dive over a drink or two.


Baby Steps


Snorkelling is a good activity to try before you go scuba diving, as this lets you share the experience and can help build in water confidence. It is a good way to break down any barriers while also having fun and enjoying the marine environment, plus by snorkelling they will be practicing some of the skills necessary to become an open water diver without realising it.


Snorkelling - Koh Tao Island, Thailand


Snorkelling is an excellent way to get people interested in diving as they will see what's going on down there and will want to explore more.


Try It


There are many ways for your potential new dive buddy to test out scuba diving before taking the full PADI Open water course and earning your certification. For people wanting to get their family involved you can start your children early by having them take a Bubblemaker activity.


PADI Bubblemaker


This program is available for children from the age of 8 to experience the sensation of breathing underwater and play a few games also, this can be done in a swimming pool and even take a shallow dive of 2 meters out in the open sea.


If you are already a certified diver, you can join them to enjoy the experience together before they turn 10 and are available to enrol on a PADI open water course.


For people over 10 to a have a try before committing to the open water course the is the Discover Scuba Dive program which give people a chance to dive out in the open sea while under close direct supervision at all times.


Scuba Diving - Koh Tao Island, Thailand


Taking this 'try dive' will see you practicing a few scuba skills before taking a maximum 12 meter dive to give you an introduction to the underwater world.


Research Before a Holiday


While the is no need to plan an entire vacation around scuba diving most places you travel to will have a local dive shop nearby who will be able to help you get your friends and family involved. Taking a dive in warm tropical waters sounds so much more appealing than swimming around your local quarry.


By making contact with the dive shop before you take your flight the PADI professionals can advise you on schedules and help you arrange your dives. You can also organise more personalised courses if you think that your partner will not like to be in a large group or may need a little more time.


No Pressure


Be sure not to put too much pressure on whoever you are wanting to become a scuba diver, if they feel like they are being forced into it they are more likely to not enjoy it. Give them some space and let them make their final decision on whether they want to just try it or go straight into getting certified. If during the course they are having a few difficulties be sure to let the instructor do their work as they guide them through any learning difficulties.


Do not criticise or ridicule any problems they may have but offer encouragement to overcome the problem, the course is meant to be fun we are not making soldiers!


Author: Crystal Dive





..November 2016


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