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.. December 2016


Being An Advanced Diver
"Being able to dive deeper will open up more dive sites around the world. You can explore more wrecks, dive deeper...."
Becoming A Scuba Addict
"Scuba diving most definitely changed my wandering life of a traveller into an endless underwater quest...."
Know Your Fish
"There are more than 21,000 different fish species around the world, this makes it pretty tricky to be able to learn every one...."
Exposure Suits
"Ever wondered why you need an exposure suit when diving Koh Tao? After all the water is a lovely warm 30 degrees Celsius!...."
A Life Changing Experience
"Divemaster candidate, Kaj Bartele, talks about a life changing experience he had whilst scuba diving off Koh Tao...."


.. November 2016


Sharing Your Scuba Love
"Sharing stories of cute turtles, vibrant coral reefs and beautiful colourful fish will have imaginations running in no time...."
Muck Diving
"What is "muck diving"? Muck diving is usually found in sandy, silty bottoms, often situated away from the coral reef....."
Preserving Paradise
"There is nothing more saddening when you walk along a tranquil beach on Koh Tao than walking passed pieces of trash...."
Become A Master Scuba Diver
"You may be wondering what more you can do to enhance your skills. Behold, the Master Scuba Diver...."
Get Wrecked On Koh Tao!
"Get your fun fix under the water by diving Koh Tao's shipwrecks, three of which are close to the island and two more...."
Wanna Shoot Some Fish?
"Taking the Underwater Video course will teach you how to make interesting videos of your best shots and allows you to share...."


.. October 2016


Choosing The Right Mask
"Buying your own mask will probably be the first diving equipment purchase you make and one of the most important...."
My Journey to Become A Divemaster
"Being a Divemaster is hard work, but the satisfaction that comes at the end of each day cannot be rivalled with any other job....."
"When referring to 'wearing shoes on Koh Tao', you would be talking about wearing flip flops or some sort of sandal....."
Koh Tao's Artificial Reefs
"Artificial Reefs are human made structures, which are mostly built to provide marine life an area in which to live...."
6 'Must Do' Things
"What challenges can you set yourself now you have mastered the basics of scuba diving and tried your first adventures?...."


.. September 2016


Diving With Computers
"Changes to the PADI Open Water course, introduced in 2015, included embracing the new 'Diving with Computers' section...."
"What are starfish? They're not really fish and they're certainly not stars. These ocean beings are not related to fish at all...."
Scuba Diving Bucket List
"Being a PADI diver is all about seeking adventure, diving into diverse and unique environments and exploring...."
Restaurants In Koh Tao - Mae Haad
"Even when you know your options it's not always easy to make a decision on where to eat when you don't know the area...."
Oceans Under Siege
"Marine debris is not only unsightly, it's dangerous to sea life, hazardous to human health and costly to our economies...."
Thai Fruit
"An assortment of delicious exotic, fruits all year round, that will delight your eyes and tantalise your taste buds...."


.. August 2016


Pokemon Go Lands on Koh Tao
"Staff, students and Interns have been spotted running along the beaches of Koh Tao hunting magical creatures...."
Tec 50 Course
"Certified Tec 50 divers are qualified to make multi-stop decompression dives using air, EANx and oxygen...."
The Marine Environment
"Throughout history, humans have submerged themselves in the marine environment for exploration...."
Scuba Diving Gap Year
"So, you are finally done with school or university and you're thinking about taking a gap year. There are so many options...."
The Wrasse Family
"The wrasse is a typically small & often colorful species of fish, found in the coastal waters of the world's major oceans...."
Tec 45 Course
"The Tec 45 sub-course of the DSAT Tec Diver course introduces Tec 40 divers to the first stages of full, technical deep diving...."
"Flatworms are soft bodied invertebrates and over half of them live as parasites. Some of them are very dangerous for humans...."
Tec 40 Course
"Ever thought to yourself 'One tank just isn't enough'? Ever wanted to dive deeper than recreational limits?...."
Decompression Theory (Part II)
"The scientists who changed how we understand decompression theory, and its subsequent development...."
From Sea To Symposium (Part II)
"Hawaii hosted this year’s instalment of the International Coral Reef Symposium, a global forum sharing ideas...."


.. July 2016


"There are a number of different types of groupers, and a wide range of them can be found right here on Koh Tao...."
"The best time to watch these fascinating but very shy critters from very close is during a night dive...."
Freediving on Koh Tao
"Crystal Dive is honoured to be Koh Tao's first PADI Free Diving Centre having been awarded the rating from PADI...."
Toxic Marine Life
"Did you know, there are more poisonous fish than venomous snakes in the world? There are 1,200 or so species...."
How To Plan Your Dive
"Do you remember when you did your PADI Open Water course and the instructor talked about how you could plan your dive?...."
Decompression Theory
"The story of decompression started in England in the seventeenth century and over the next 350 years...."
Mermaids - PADI Women's Dive Day
"As a female scuba diver, I think it's safe to say that we are all mermaids at heart. July 16th is PADI Women's Dive Day...."
The World's Oceans
"71% of planet earth is covered in water and yet there is still very little we know about what's under the surface...."
The Octopus
"Octopuses are highly intelligent, possibly more so than any other invertebrates. The exact extent of their intelligence...."
Amazing Shark Facts
"Why are sharks awesome, you may ask? Perhaps it's just because they look so super badass and cool...."


.. June 2016


Kids Can Scuba Too!
"Tired of family vacations and doing the same things every time? Why not try a scuba diving holiday with the family...."
Top Turtle Facts
"Turtles call the ocean their home and their favorite place is Koh Tao, home to both the Green and Hawksbill turtles...."
Being A Safe Diver
"Scuba diving is an enjoyable, relaxing and at times exciting sport but your first priority should always be your safety...."
Koh Tao Festival 2016
"The Koh Tao Festival is an amazing event organised each year by the Save Koh Tao group and the local community...."
Coral Bleaching, Koh Tao
"A recent topic of interest worldwide is coral bleaching with reports suggesting that large areas of the Great Barrier Reef...."
World Ocean Day
"Today, June 8th is officially World Ocean Day and gives us a reason to celebrate the ocean, and raise awareness...."
8 Awesome Marine Animals
"After a discussion that stretched over a few days, the easiest way to determine what Crystal Dive's favourite....."


.. May 2016


Macro Diving Koh Tao
"The little things that are much harder to spot can be just as rewarding and just as fascinating to see...."
7 Awesome Facts About Koh Tao
"Want some info on Thailand's world famous backpacking island of Koh Tao. Then you've come to the right place...."
Filefish, Koh Tao
"One of my favorite fish to see while diving is the filefish. The filefish is closely related to the triggerfish and pufferfish...."
Sail Rock, Koh Tao
"Sail Rock is undoubtedly the most famous dive site in the Koh Samui archipelago here in the Gulf of Thailand...."
Know Your Scuba Equipment
"As an Open Water diver, you have the skills needed to safely scuba dive. However, there is so much more to learn...."


.. April 2016


Earth Day 2016 - A Great Success
"On the 22nd April 2016, the community of Koh Tao participated in the biggest Earth Day celebration to date...."
Stingrays Of Koh Tao
"Stingrays are some of the more fascinating marine animals found in the waters surrounding Koh Tao...."
Earth Day 2016
"Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd April every year, to build the world's largest environmental movement...."
Becoming An Open Water Diver
"Completing the PADI open water course is your gateway to a world of beautiful corals, colorful fish, amazing shipwrecks...."
Songkran Festival
"Songkran (Thai New Year), from Sanskrit meaning "to move forward", is a celebration signifying transformation and change...."
Pilot Whales
"Pilot Whales are members of the Dolphin family and you can definitely see why, as they effortlessly glide through the ocean...."


.. March 2016


Scuba Or Snorkel..??
"Making a choice between scuba diving and snorkelling on Koh Tao can be a difficult decision but it is hard to compare...."
The Buddy Check
"The pre dive safety check is the first thing you do once you are kitted up, whether it’s your first open water course dive or...."
Scuba Diving - A Healthy Hobby
"OK, so you're not going to become an Olympic athlete overnight, but scuba can improve your general wellbeing...."
The Moray Eels of Koh Tao
"Moray Eels are a family of cosmopolitan eels, therefore reside in tropical and temperate seas...."
The Visa Run Adventure
"The only downfall of staying on beautiful Koh Tao for an extended time is as a foreigner, you must make a visa run...."
Scuba Diving - Equipment Specialist
"There are essential equipment items such as regulators, BCDs and cylinders, as well as lots of accessory equipment...."
Blacktip Sharks, Koh Tao
"The blacktip reef shark is the most common shark seen in the waters around Koh Tao. Easily identified by its black fin tips...."


.. February 2016


It's A Dog's Life!
"Two of Crystal's most popular members of staff are 'Happy' and 'Biscuit', twin dogs that have grown up around the dive centre...."
Diving South East Asia
"Backpacking in S.E.Asia, there are so many great activities to spend your time and money on, but what about scuba?...."
Cleaning Up Koh Tao
"One easy way to raise environmental awareness is to undertake a local clean up of a beach or a dive site. In my time...."
Deeper Into Diving
"It was always my intention to become a PADI instructor when I left my old world so I took the step to move to Koh Tao...."


.. January 2016


Christmas Tree Worms
"These cool little creatures stand out amongst the corals due to their colours. Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues...."
Junkyard Artificial Reef - 12 Months On
"It was my first day back on Koh Tao in 8 months. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I certainly wasn't expecting what I saw...."
Scuba Diving A-B-C
"Let's have a look at some of the specifics and break it down so you know what things mean in layman's terms...."
Koh Tao Turtles
"The Koh Tao Turtle Project is using citizen science to track and help identify turtles found around Koh Tao...."
Adventures In Diving
"Now you're a certified PADI Open Water Diver, you probably can’t wait for your next underwater adventure...."
Koh Tao Revisited
"The aim is to complete research that we can hopefully publish, but more importantly share with the world...."
PADI Freediving
"PADI, the world largest scuba diving training agency, made a huge step into freediving world announcing its brand new Freediving program...."





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