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PADI Speciality Courses, Koh Tao
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PADI Specialty courses give you an opportunity to pursue areas of interest in more detail, giving you a greater knowledge, confidence and more diving experience in your chosen field.



NITROX Enriched Air - Extend Your Limits!
"Every certified diver knows there are limits to the time you can spend underwater. Air supply is the most obvious one...." read more >>>


Michiel Collin - PADI MSDT

NITROX Enriched Air



Some specialties require an Advanced Open Water or Adventure Diver certification, others can begin straight after your PADI Open Water course.



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"What are starfish? They're not really fish and they're certainly not stars. These ocean beings are not related to fish at all...."
Scuba Diving Bucket List
"Being a PADI diver is all about seeking adventure, diving into diverse and unique environments and exploring...."
Restaurants In Koh Tao - Mae Haad
"Even when you know your options it's not always easy to make a decision on where to eat when you don't know the area...."
Oceans Under Siege
"Marine debris is not only unsightly, it's dangerous to sea life, hazardous to human health and costly to our economies...."
Thai Fruit
"An assortment of delicious exotic, fruits all year round, that will delight your eyes and tantalise your taste buds...."
Pokemon Go Lands on Koh Tao
"Staff, students and Interns have been spotted running along the beaches of Koh Tao hunting magical creatures...."

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