Crystal Dive Boats

The luxury of owning our dive boats gives us flexibility when scheduling our diving courses and fun diving trips. More importantly, it gives you variety and choice of dive sites.

We are able to operate separate dive trips catering specifically for the experience level and comfort of our divers. We operate 2 boats daily, each making 2 trips, one morning trip, one in the afternoon.

For full details of Koh Tao’s dive sites and our fun diving trip schedules, please check our Koh Tao Diving page.

Crystal 1

One boat is designated as our ‘student’ diver boat and is used for Open Water training dives. This boat stays close to the island, visiting shallow dive sites with a maximum depth limit of 18 meters.

The other boat caters for our advanced divers and visits the more adventurous dive sites that are deeper and further from the island.

Crystal 2

Our third boat is on hand for specialized diving activities such as weekly Sail Rock trips, PADI Instructor training, specific aspects of the PADI Divemaster course or our regular environmental activities which include our coral transplantation program, dive site restoration projects and regular dive site clean ups.

Crystal 3

We schedule our advanced diving/fun diving trips on a day to day basis ensuring we provide a variety of different dive sites for you. Advanced dive site selection is varied, influenced by customer feedback and we aim to accommodate your preference. However, there are times, due to weather where we may be limited in our options.

Important Note

Koh Tao has seen a proliferation of dive centres over the past few years. Naturally this has created a more competitive environment and an abundance of choice for the diver. Here at Crystal we see this as a positive development and overall this has created an improvement in diver training standards and customer service on Koh Tao

However, be aware there are many ‘dive centres’ that do not own their own dive boats, instead renting space on a daily basis. This means they are restricted to a boat schedule that is out of their control. When enquiring as to diving on Koh Tao, always ensure you ask the dive centre whether they have full control over where ‘their’ dive boat goes.