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Guillermo Sanchez – Peloto

Guillermo Sanchez – Peloto
PADI Tech Diving Instructor
Technical, Trimix, Sidemount

In 2010 Peloto left his native Spain to to travel to Asia and become a PADI Professional. He completed his professional diver ratings with Crystal Dive and shortly after gained employment with the Crystal Crew.

In 2012 began technical diving, and after rigorous training, towards the end of the year, he became Tec Deep Instructor.In 2013, Peloto expanded upon his skills and knowledge whilst working with in Indonesia, guiding experienced divers and photographers who often had over 3000 dives.

In 2014, Peloto moved to the Red Sea (Jordan) to work as a full time Technical Instructor Manager, solely teaching Tec courses and taking technical fun divers to the deep waters. Further training gained him the rating of Tec Trimix Instructor and Peloto began to fall in love with the Rebreather world.

Peloto returned to the Crystal Crew in 2015, to manage their Technical Diving department and Sidemount diving. If you want to talk Tec, then talk to Peloto.

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