PADI Freediving - Be Like A Fish!

Put a mask on, hold your breath for a while and discover Cousteau’s "Silent World"

Be Like A Fish!

The majority of travelers that visit Koh Tao are here for the scuba diving and specifically to become a certified PADI Open Water Diver. This is what brought me to this beautiful island 4 years ago – and one of the reasons I’m still here. After all, this is why Koh Tao is known as “Where the World Learns to Dive”.

But what do travelers do on their days off from scuba diving? Go snorkeling of course! Most of the year Koh Tao has calm water with good visibility and with coral reefs often starting a few meters from the beach, good snorkeling its easy assessable.

Swimming on the surface, viewing the wonderful world lying beneath you, watching different reef fish calmly gliding around the shining corals is a great and relaxing experience.

With a bit of luck you could even meet a green turtle or a black tip shark. You have Cousteau’s “The Silent World” right beneath you! But even if the water is less than 10 meters deep, this world looks so far away, impossible to reach without equipment!

But what if we tell you it is possible to reach? What if we tell you that you can put a mask on, hold your breath for a while and be part of this world? That you can swim next to that turtle, pretending you are her close friend or take a selfie with a shark in the background – all the while whilst on one single breath!

Still don’t believe me? Come to Crystal Dive and try our PADI Freediving courses!

Freediving In Paradise

Don’t know what freediving is? In a couple of words, freediving is a water activity (or sport if you want) where you hold your breath and stay underwater as long as you can.

Here at Crystal Dive, this is how we teach Freediving.

1. As with any other PADI courses we start with some basic theory. During the two day course we cover in detail important aspects of freediving such as physiology, proper breathing, correct techniques, safety etc.

2. After we finish the theory you immediately start applying the knowledge you have learnt in the water. First, in confined water. And without doubt the best place for confined water training is a swimming pool. A pool offers calm water and good visibility.

You will start with static breath holds, gradually increasing time and confidence in the water. Than we do dynamic apnea swim (horizontal underwater swim). Practicing dynamic apnea is the best way to improve your fining techniques, tolerance to CO2 level and body position.

3. And of course the final and most exciting step, apply everything in the open water! On the first day your maximum depth will be 8 meters and on day 2 it will be a more challenging, when you will be freediving to a depth 16 meters!

But hey – we are not chasing numbers; we concentrate on techniques, comfort and confidence in the water and most importantly – the safety procedures!

Stay safe and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of Koh Tao without too much gear!

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Author: Sergey Busargin (PADI Free Diving Instructor #295053)

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