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Discovering Scuba Diving

There are probably many things that you want to cross off your “Bucket List”. Maybe you want to Sky dive, or bungee jump, or white river raft. If you are an adrenaline junkie, there is one thing you should definitely consider, and that is Scuba Diving!

Although Scuba Diving is a lot slower and more chilled out, it is definitely a thrill being able to take your first breaths underwater. You will begin to discover a whole new world. A functional eco system surrounded by beautiful fish and sea creatures.

So what do you have to do to achieve this underwater experience?

Firstly you need to be at least 10 years old. You should be in relatively good health (you can check out the medical questions here). You will need a minimum of a day for the Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) experience, or 3 days for the PADI Open Water Certification course.

DSD Breakdown

Here at Crystal Dive, we like to keep our groups small, so we ensure that an instructor will only take 2 (DSD) students underwater. This allows for a controlled and personal experience.

So, if you have decided to give this a go, then what is in store for you?

You would arrive at Crystal Dive at 9am and once all the appropriate paperwork has been completed, you will be introduced to your Instructor. Your Instructor will sit down with you and teach you some of the basic theory that is important to know when you are diving.

The Basics

Then you will learn a bit about the scuba equipment. You will try the equipment on and the instructor will buddy check you to make sure all the equipment is functional. The buddy check is a safety check every scuba diver does before every dive. Then we take you into the swimming pool where we will teach you a few basic skills.

This is where the fun begins. It is pretty remarkable to be able to take a breath while underwater. Your mind tells you it shouldn’t be possible, but there you are doing it, and it is amazing!

You start to learn some skills like how to inflate and deflate you BCD (Buoyancy Control Device), how to clear water out of your regulator, how to clear water out of your mask. We will also teach you how to recover your regulator underwater, and you will learn how to swim around the pool with the correct horizontal body position.

This session usually takes an hour or so by which time you will be feeling good to go!

Off To The Adventure

Then you can grab some lunch whilst your instructor packs your equipment for the afternoon boat trip. At midday you and your instructor walk down to the boat and we head off to that afternoons dive sites. It is usually a shallow dive site in the afternoon, which is perfect because your depth limit as a discover scuba diver is 12 metres.

It is the closest thing to feeling like you are gravity-less, similar to an astronaut in space. You achieve a weightless feeling as you glide through the ocean. Scuba diving is also a way to meditate, as your mind is completely stilled from the chaos of the land-based world.

Your instructor takes control of your equipment underwater, so all you have to think about are the magnificent marine life you are seeing. Sometimes the fish are quite curious and will come up close to have a look at you.

WARNING! Diving May Become Addictive! effortless way of moving through the water is a feeling unlike any other, and it soon becomes addictive! Don’t be surprised if after your first experience, you’ll be wanting to do the PADI Open Water course, which allows you to dive independently with a buddy to 18 metres anywhere in the world.

Then the world is your oyster. So many countries have beautiful dive sites to explore so this could become part of your holiday planning.

Either way, your DSD experience could be something you do once off to tick off your list, or it could be something that could lead you down a path to new exciting adventures. If you are curious, come and visit Crystal Dive and let us show you a whole new wonderful world!

Author: Heather Nicholson (PADI DM #370231)

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