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Kids Can Scuba Too! of going on family vacations and doing the same old things every time? Why not venture into a scuba diving holiday with the fam-a-lam.

It is not surprising that there are many families out there who do not realize that scuba diving can also be a family vacation.

Fun Fact #1

Children as young as 8 years old can learn to scuba dive in a completely safe and fun manner.

Fun Fact #2

Your kids will be taught the subjects (physics, maths, biology) they probably don’t like in school and actually like them as they are applying them to a fun, real world sport.

Fun Fact #3

It is an exciting way for kids to be encouraged to care for the environment

Fun Fact #4

Although diving does have some inherent risk in an open water environment, most activities in life have some risk. Teaching a child or teenager to responsibly manage the risks of diving can help them to learn personal responsibility.

And of course, just like adults we spend plenty of time in a confined water environment, to ensure the diver is completed comfortable and has mastered every single objective before we progress into the ocean.

Fun Fact #5

Why wouldn’t you go diving? Your children can be among their favourite aquatic animal and feel like a fish!

Kids Courses Are Super Fun! Bubblemaker – Let’s Make Some Bubbles!

The PADI Bubblemaker is the first course a child can participate in.

With a minimum age of 8 years old and a maximum depth of 2m, your child will learn the basis of scuba diving in the safe realms of a swimming pool and enjoy many games such as firing a toy rocket underwater &diving through hoops!

Best part of this, there is no maximum age limit so yes parents, you can join in too!

PADI Seal Team

If your children love making bubbles they could progress their diving by taking part and becoming a member of the PADI Seal Team!

This course is made of many missions. There are 5 awesome missions to complete. Having successfully passed these missions they can do special secret missions to become a member of the PADI Seal Team.

Some special missions include:

  • Wreck specialist – titanic hunting? 
  • Night specialist – are you afraid of the dark? 
  • Search and Recovery specialist – treasure hunt? Yes!
  • Snapshot specialist – pictures! Say cheeeese!
  • Creature specialist – I like turtles!

So many fun missions, and again parents, you can join in the fun too! Or you could just lounge around the pool, relax and catch some rays whilst your child has all the fun!

So, What’s Next?

The PADI Open Water Course

At 10 years old your child is able to become a certified PADI diver! This means they can go diving anywhere in the world, with a buddy, in the ocean to a depth of 12m. Even better, once they turn 12 they are then automatically upgraded to 18m depth! How cool is that? The certification is also for life! Bonus!

The PADI Open Water course includes 4 dives in the ocean. Here at Crystal we go to a large variety of dive sites daily which have amazing corals and a large variety of marine life. Popular dive sites for open water divers include Twins (green moray eel!!), White Rock (turtles!!), Aow Leuk (baby reef sharks!!) and Japanese Gardens!

Think they’ll love this? Wait until the next missions….

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course

At 12 years old your child could complete their PADI Advanced Open Water course which enables them to be certified to go deeper.

Even better, they choose the missions on the dives, options including night diving, wreck diving (depth dependent), fish identification & DPV (underwater scooters!).

At 12 yars old they can be certified to a maximum depth of 21m and as soon as they turn 15 years they will automatically upgraded to a depth of 30m.

Doing the advanced opens up a much wider variety of dive locations around the world, including being able to participate on liveaboards and diving Sail Rock which is the best site in the gulf of Thailand! Whalesharks!

Don’t worry kids, the fun doesn’t stop there. Once you turn 18 its time to become a professional! This is where you can work in the dive industry and possibly even make it a career!

At Crystal we offer a lifetime packaged deal where you also get free fun diving for life. Not too shabby!

For any information about children’s courses visit our website or contact the shop directly.

Author: Keri Grey (PADI MSDT #360928)

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