Why you should get your PADI

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Reasons Why You Should Get Your PADI

Why should you get your PADI and learn to be a scuba diver?

There are many reasons to take the plunge and become a certified scuba diver. Some people do it to cross it off their bucket list, others to challenge themselves to do something new, or you may be looking to get yourself a new hobby to enjoy as you travel the world.


Here are some ‘top reasons’ to get your PADI and become a certified diver.

1. See a part of the world that many people will never see

You may have noticed that our planet is pretty big but when you look closer you will see a majority of planet earth is covered with water – 70% in fact. Our Oceans are the last unexplored frontier full of so many amazing things for scuba divers to discover! So if you are bored of seeing the usual things on land then head below the surface and see what you can discover!

2. Fun Travel activity

While you are travelling the world and visiting new places you will be surprised by the amount of places you can actually dive. The world is full of places where you can hop in the water and have an underwater adventure; from the Mediterranean Sea in Europe to the furthest flung Islands of the Pacific, there is so much to see. You don’t have to plan a full diving holiday to enjoy the sport it will just give you an activity to do on your holiday.

3. See amazing creatures in their natural habitat

There is so much incredible and different marine life underwater; from tiny frogfish the size of your fingernail to the Blue whale, the largest animal in the world. You will have the chance to share water with turtles,sharks, and many colourful and vibrant fish on the reefs; from octopus to the giant barracuda the list goes on. You will see more life in one dive than a whole day at the zoo!


4. Chance to make new friends from all over the world

Like any sport or activity, making friends is easy when you share a common interest. There is nothing better than relaxing with your dive buddies and chatting over a cold beer in the bar. Share stories, favorite dive sites, travel destinations and amazing underwater photos/videos with other divers and discover new diving opportunities.

Once you become a PADI certified diver, a whole network opens up to you as you become part of the diving community.

5. Experience History

As your interest in diving deepens you can literally dive into history exploring different diving sites some of which will be old shipwrecks sunk many years before, often during wars. When you’re wreck diving, you can literally swim through history as you dive old navy ships with their huge guns still intact and cargo of tanks and planes in the hold. You will find it hard to find an experience quite like this as you explore the many old ship wrecks lying at the bottom of the sea.

6. Place to escape day to day world

Every now and again we all need the chance to switch off, relax and forget about all the stresses that we have in our lives. One of the great things about diving is that there are no emails or phone calls to answer underwater.. There is just you and nature.

As you head beneath the waves there are so many things to see and distract you that the real world above will seem a far far distant place. Many people like the fact there is no one able to talk to you, just a few hand signals to ensure everyone is fine and happy.

7. Become Weightless

Have you ever wanted to head into space or be an astronaut? It looks so cool as they float about in their space ship or bounce around on the moon. You probably think you will never have the chance to experience that sensation. Well you are wrong!

Astronauts actually train underwater before heading off into space as you get that same feeling of weightlessness underwater that you get in space. When you first put on all your scuba equipment and stand up it does feel heavy and chunky but as you descend on your dive that weight seems to disappear instantly.

8. Gives you amazing stories to share

Some of your friends probably have epic stories about how they went skydiving, saw someone famous etc. Well scuba diving provides you with an opportunity to have some incredible experiences and of course bragging rights when it comes to telling stories.


In the world of Facebook and Instagram your underwater video or pictures you post to your account will have many jealous friends liking and commenting from back home also. It is always good to have a one-up story that you can share and not many people will be able to beat a swimming with a shark story!

9. It’s Easy

Basically the main skills you need to become a scuba diver is to be able to swim and breathe underwater, that doesn’t sound too hard does it?

Before you get to the open water you will watch videos about diving and answer a few questions on the points talked about which your instructor will review with you. You then head to a swimming pool to get familiar with the equipment and begin with simple skills which you will gradually build on to grow your confidence before heading out to the open water.

Author: Neil Davidson (PADI MSDT #294100)

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