Koh Tao Nightlife

Come to Koh Tao if you are looking for a night out or nice dinner and a few drinks

Koh Tao Nightlife

After a long day of diving, or a busy few days completing one of the PADI courses everyone need some chill out time! Koh Tao has an amazing night life you have the best of both here, if you just want a nice dinner and a quiet drink there are plenty of nice restaurants and bars to go.


Then there are plenty of places and things to do if you want a big night out. Sairee is lined with beach front restaurants and bars that offer both good food, and good drinks. There are plenty of options for a night out on this Island, definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

One of my favorite bars/restaurant I like to go to when I don’t fancy a big night out is Fizz. On Sariee beach, the atmosphere at Fizz is always lovely and the food is amazing, whether you are looking for Thai or western food you won’t be disappointed.

Also they do some of the nicest cocktails on the Island I’ve tried most of them!


It’s a great place to grab a happy hour drink and watch the sunset, it’s were we go for our girls nights often.

Then the big nights out; most of my nights out here have always started here at Crystal, few drinks in the bar then a short walk to Sairee where our first stop will normally be ‘Bar Next Two’. It tends to be the go to bar here amongst everyone at Crystal, all our big nights out will always start at ‘Bar Next Two’.

Maybe because it is one of the first bars you hit on the walk from Crystal in Mae Haad to Sairee! The music is good and the atmosphere is always lively. The bar tends to be busy but not over crowded (unless it is when the Koh Tao pub crawl is on).


When visiting Koh Tao you definitely have to go to Sairee to see a fire show, the one at ‘Bar Next Two’ is great, but there are a few fire shows at the bars up and down Sairee beach.

www.crystaldive.com-koh-tao-nightlife-fire-showAfter a few buckets or beers we will move further into Sairee to either Lotus bar or Sunset bar, or both depending on how good your alcohol tolerance is!

Sunset bar is known for its pool parties. There is a big pool and a dive board next to the bar and above the pool is a DJ booth.

Surprisingly the first thing us divers like to do after a few drinks is get back in the water, despite the fact we have been in the sea all day!

I was lucky enough to arrive back on Koh Tao on a day when Crystal’s newest Divemasters were participating in their final test; it was a snorkel test night.

Before we even went out everyone was warning me to wear a bikini…

…because no matter how much you don’t want to go in the pool you will end up in it!

As the night gets later Sunset is always guaranteed to stay lively, there is always a good mix of tourists and locals there. You will normally find yourself there at some point of your night out.

Mondays, Wednesday and Friday there is the famous Koh Tao Pub Crawl; the pub crawl is a great way to meet new people especially if you are travelling on your own, or you are just sick of your friends! It normally starts at Choppers around 7pm then you get to have a mini tour around the popular bars around Sariee. It also includes a free bucket, a few free shots and a t-shirt (always a bonus!).


If you want to do the pub crawl I suggest you book your tickets during the day just to guarantee your ticket.

Being from Twickenham I love my sports especially Rugby, I was a bit worried there wasn’t going to be anywhere I could go and watch the games, but I was wrong. If you are a sports fan you don’t need to worry you will not have to miss your team’s big games!

We have a couple of sports bar on the Island with big screens open to watch the games, throughout the Rugby World Cup both Choppers in Sairee and Reef bar in Mae Haad were open even for the 2am games. I have spent most of the World Cup Rugby games in either in Choppers or Reef, the atmosphere is great.


They both do really good food and are normally filled with people in their different rugby and football shirts shouting at the screens! You will find a lot of dive instructors and divemasters in either place watching their football teams playing every weekend.

Whether you are looking for a big night out or just a nice dinner and a few drinks you’ll never be short of options on this Island.

Author: Jasmine Defty (PADI DM #364107)

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