Scuba Diving for Dummies

Quick facts about scuba diving

Scuba Diving for Dummies!

A Light Hearted Review Of Scuba Diving “Dos and Don’ts” for Newbies

Here’s some advice for all your wannabe Scuba Divers, “Do’s and Do Nots” for new scuba divers. If you are interested in joining the sub culture, getting your PADI, and becoming an open water diver have a little read below and get a head start.

Crystal Dive’s Alternative Scuba “Do’s and Don’ts”


Say “Goggles” or “Flippers”

Referring to your mask as ‘goggles’ or your fins as ‘flippers’ will result in a beer fine from your scuba instructor! Flipper was a Dolphin, and goggles are used by swimmers who don’t like water in their eyes. In the world of scuba diving we wear fins on our feet, and a mask on our face. Speedos

There is nothing worse than seeing a grown man in tight speedos strutting around Koh Tao’s beaches or pottering around the dive boat. Hair sticking out everywhere – urgh!

Boys please invest in a pair of board shorts for all our sakes! We do sometimes have kids on the boats!

Expect To Be Looking Hot and Pick Up

Even though there may be a few good looking people you fancy in your dive group, trying to hit on them while diving can be a bad idea. After a dive, your face is likely to have lovely snot and mucus hanging out of your nose and off your chin due to the ascent.

For people with long hair, it is more likely to resemble a bird’s nest than the perfectly groomed look you wear Saturday night, when you are out on the town! Best to wait until the end of your course, when we enjoy drinks and party!

Think You’ll Be Eaten By A Shark

A very common misconception is sharks are out there and are looking for scuba divers for dinner. Wrong! We are lucky enough to regularly spot several different species of this magnificent and endangered fish in the waters around Koh Tao.

The most common shark sighted when diving Koh Tao is the majestic Whaleshark. These fish, the world’s largest, eat plankton and very small fish and go about their business without a care in the world.


Take Awesome Facebook Photos

Everybody wants awesome holiday photos don’t they? Well what can be cooler than getting photos of you scuba diving that can be shared on Instagram and Facebook? Not much…especially if you can get a selfie of you underwater with a turtle or a Whaleshark!

Expect Tan Lines

We all want a great suntan to show off when we return home after our warm weather holiday. Being a scuba diver will mean you are out in the sun a lot, catching rays and becoming bronzed. But your tan will be unique to your usual beach tan – wearing a wetsuit and mask will give you tan lines in places that you would never imagine! Prepared To Give Everybody The OK Sign For Everything On Land

One of the key skills in scuba diving is underwater communication and after completing your course you will find that you transfer these new found ways of communication onto land.

When a friend asks you a question you won’t answer them verbally, instead simply holding up your hand and giving an “OK” hand signal. Easy.

Prepare To Feel Like You Are Flying

Scuba diving will open your eyes to a completely different world. Nowhere else will you experience the feeling of being weightless – well unless you are an astronaut but I hear that is quite a difficult profession to get into!

As you descend underwater and begin to swim around you will fine tune your buoyancy and enjoy the feeling that you are just flying around.

Author: Neil Davidson (PADI MSDT #294100)

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