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Tech Diving – Tec 40 Course

Ever wanted to dive deeper than recreational limits? Or dive longer than ‘nonstop’ algorithms on modern dive computer will allow without ‘putting you into Deco’? Ever thought to yourself ‘One tank just isn’t enough’!

If the answer is Yes to one or more of these questions, then you need to look at the exciting PADI Tec Rec Deep Diver course and the sub courses that form this respected Technical diving training program.

Your First Step? – Tech 40

The Tec 40 sub course of the PADI Tec Rec Deep Diver course is a limited, entry-level technical diving program that bridges the gap between recreational diving and full technical deep decompression diving. Certified Tec 40 divers are qualified to make limited decompression dives using equipment that is marginally more extensive than that used in mainstream recreational diving. This course can be conducted on back-mount or Sidemount.

The Tec 40 course consists of three knowledge development sections, three practical applications sessions and four training dives and the first dive will be a limited open water dive to 10m maximum depth.

This course is not for compete beginner divers so you must complete a few dive prerequisites before starting the course. These include being 18 years old, an Advanced Open Water diver, an Enriched Air diver with 10 dives or more on NITROX and hold a Deep Diver cert with at least 10 logged dives deeper than 30m.

These prerequisites are in place because you will go beyond the recreational dive limits and you should have had previous experience dealing with gas narcosis at depth before enrolling in tech diving. You should also have the knowledge and skills using Enriched air as Tech 40 introduces you to breathing oxygen at higher percentages.

What Are The Course Goals?

  • To qualify you to make limited decompression dives at a level that bridges recreational diving and technical diving.
  • To train you in the knowledge, procedures and motor skills required for decompression diving within the limitations of the Tec 40 certification.
  • To assure you understand and acknowledge the hazards and risks associated with this level of Tec diving, and Tec diving in general.
  • To train you to prepare for and respond to reasonably foreseeable emergencies that may occur within Tec 40 limits.
  • To lay the foundation for continuing your training towards becoming a full technical diver by completing the Tec 45 and Tec 50 courses.

Your Obligations & Responsibilities

  • During the Tec 40 course, you have a variety of obligations and responsibilities including:
  • To follow the instructor’s directions and dive plans strictly, and not separate from your instructor or your dive team.
  • To take all aspects of what you’re learning seriously, and display an attitude and conduct that is consistent with that expected of a team-oriented technical diver.
  • To refrain from Tec diving outside this course until you’re fully qualified and certified.
  • To maintain adequate physical and mental health, and to alert the instructor to any problems you have with them.
  • To accept the risk for this type of diving, and for specific risks unique to each dive environment, and to immediately notify the instructor if this risk becomes intolerable for you.

Failing to meet these obligations and responsibilities can have these consequences:

  • In the worst case, you could be injured, disabled or killed.
  • You will have failed to demonstrate the attitude and maturity required for Tec diving, and will not qualify for certification.

What Is Technical Diving?

Technical scuba diving is diving other than conventional commercial or research diving that takes divers beyond recreational diving limits. It is further defined as and includes one or more of the following:

Diving beyond 40 metres/130 feet, required stage decompression, diving in an overhead environment beyond 40 linear metres/130 linear feet of the surface, accelerated decompression, and/or the use of variable gas mixtures during the dive.

Technical scuba diving uses extensive methodologies, technologies and training to manage added risk. Typically this means using complex equipment in situations where direct access to the surface is inaccessible due to a ceiling imposed by decompression, or physical barrier such as that found in cave or a wreck diving environments.

Technical diving is not simply exceeding the limits of recreational diving.

Exceeding recreational limits without the appropriate training, equipment and procedures in place is not technical diving. It is being stupid and irresponsible!

Certification as a Tec 40 diver qualifies you to dive within the following limits….

  • Dive to a maximum depth of 40 metres/130 feet using air or enriched air.
  • Make dives with up to 10 minutes required decompression.
  • Use enriched air nitrox with up to 50 percent oxygen (EANx50) during decompression to make it more conservative.
  • Although your certification qualifies you to these limits, you must also consider other limitations, such as the environment, conditions and other factors, and apply more conservative limits when planning dives.
  • These limits apply, even if you complete the Tec 40 using double cylinders and other equipment required for Tec 45 and above.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the PADI Tec 40 course today!

Author: Guillermo Sanchez (PADI IDCS #288160)

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