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Why Choose To Get Your PADI At Crystal Dive, Koh Tao

The PADI Open Water course is the most popular scuba diving training course in the world and more people get their certification on Koh Tao than anywhere else. On Koh Tao you have so much choice as to where to get your PADI and get your ticket to an amazing underwater world, so why should you choose Crystal Dive?


Good Reputation

Crystal Dive was first opened in 1998 and quickly became known for the quality of its diver training and was instrumental in raising the standards of diver training on Koh Tao.

Over the years Crystal has developed into one of the largest and most successful PADI dive centres in the world and has won multiple awards over many years including 2017, which is no mean feat when located on such a small Island.


Crystal offers the full range of PADI courses from the Open Water Course all the way up to certification as a PADI instructor. Becoming a PADI Specialty Instructor is a natural next step up the PADI ladder and our pro courses are conducted by some of the most experienced instructors in Thailand.

Our focus on diver training and safety is our priority, helping to ensure we maintain our excellent global reputation. We always strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering courses that meet with the highest PADI standards.


Whilst learning to Scuba dive we educate our divers on how to become an environmentally friendly diver and how to be eco-friendly whilst living on Koh Tao. Your instructor will place emphasis on improving your diving skills so you are able to enjoy diving with minimal impact on the underwater environment and educate you on how to interact with Koh Tao’s diverse marine life.


We work in conjunction with Koh Tao’s leading conservation organisation Eco Koh Tao in helping to keep Koh Tao’s beaches and dive sites clean while also educating people on what they can do to reduce their impact on the environment.

We conduct regular beach and dive site clean ups that all our guests are welcome to come and join and to help contribute. On top of all this we have actually created our own artificial reef called Junkyard that helps take stress from the natural reefs and provides a place for us to place coral nurseries to help regenerate and grow coral before transplanting back onto reefs.

All Inclusive

Koh Tao is world famous for being a great place to dive and is one of the cheapest places in the world to become PADI certified. As a reputable dive centre, Crystal go one step further and include a range of extras into our diving packages. When enrolling on a course everything is included in the price with no hidden extra fees or surprises after beginning the course.

Your manual can be sent to you digitally so you don’t have to carry around a large paper version that you can lose. Use of our scuba diving equipment is part of the package even if we have to provide a more specialist piece such as prescription mask.

If you want to lodge at Crystal Dive we provide accommodation as part of the package that includes a stay in one of our bungalows. The bungalows are situated next to the beach and are private not shared rooms meaning you get your own personal place to chill and relax after an exciting days diving.


You will find that some dive centres start their courses in confined water (skill practice sessions) in the ocean just off the beach. At Crystal we use our own on-site swimming pools. Confined water sessions should be carried out in nice calm shallow water and a swimming pool is the safest and most comfortable setting in which to enjoy your first breaths underwater.


When conditions are perfect, completing a confined water session in the sea can be exciting but conditions can change quickly and you could be disrupted by wind, waves and poor visibility.

This is not an issue when practicing in Crystal Dive swimming pools and our pools are an ideal place for students and instructors to complete the necessary skills to facilitate your success in your PADI course, in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Crystal Dive has the luxury of owning 3 dive boats that enables us to schedule a choice of dive sites suitable for all levels of divers. This ensures that entry-level divers will dive at sites that are appropriate to their training making it safe and fun as they dive in the open water and build experience.

Some dive centres on Koh Tao do not own dive boats and have to rent boat space meaning they have no control over where students dive. This can be a problem as students will need to learn skills at dive sites not suited to their level of training which can be dangerous.

Location, Location, Location

Crystal is located on the West side of Koh Tao on the North of Mae Haad beach that is a short walk away from the pier. We can easily be seen as we have our famous Crystal Dive Turtle sculpture sitting right out in front of the office enjoying the rise and fall of the tide.


Being located between Mae Haad and Sairee means our guests have plenty of restaurants, bars and shopsclose by. We are lucky to be one of only a couple of dive schools to have our own pier so our divers only have a short walk down the beach to board the dive boats.

We also enjoy some of the best sunsets seen around the world and all from the comfort of our very own beach bar. What is better than enjoying the sunset while drinking an ice-cold beer while swapping dive stories at the end of the day?

Masters of Scuba

The team at Crystal is one of the most experienced dive teams around and have trained thousands of divers over the years. All our instructors are at a minimum standard of Master Scuba Diver Trainer meaning they have worked under and gained teaching knowledge from our Master instructors.


We aim to provide a professional, safe but fun atmosphere around the dive center so our guests are put at ease when learning to dive. Our team are dedicated professionals and are more than willing to share that passion to educate the next generation of scuba divers.

Our experienced dive crew are from all around the world meaning we have most languages covered for people who wish to take the course in their native tongue. But for people who wish to learn in English when it is not your first language we are able to spend the time with you to ensure that you understand and are comfortable when learning in the classroom.

Making Better Divers

Our diver training standards are of the highest level and we strictly adhere to the full PADI standards and do not cut any corners. If necessary we spend more time with students and personalise courses to suit everyone. Our policy is to ensure students are comfortable and are a confident scuba diver who has mastered all the necessary skills to earn their Open Water diver certification.

We achieve this by ensuring our dive groups are kept to small groups and the students get all the time they need to learn as well as meeting new people. Our instructors will go above and beyond to ensure our guests reach their goal of becoming certified at the same time as having a lot of fun.

Author: Neil Davidson (PADI MSDT #294100)

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