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Gap Year in Thailand

Gap Year Thailand – Become A PADI Divemaster

Koh Tao is 21 square km of pure gap year paradise! A little jewel of an island in the Gulf of Thailand, it is hard to find on the world map, but is well known to backpackers and travelers alike.

Imagine for a minute living in a tropical paradise with sunny, fun filled days and exciting nights out with friends from all over the world. Experience the freedom and happiness of not doing the normal 9 to 5 jobs each day and enjoying underwater adventures plus learning new skills that will change your life.

A Tropical Island Lifestyle

Tens of thousands of travelers come to Thailand and Koh Tao each year with the intention of taking a scuba diving course. For many the PADI Open Water and PADI Advanced course is all they intend to do, however, Koh Tao has an addictive and magnetic personality and people choose to stay for longer.

The lifestyle and tropical setting on this idyllic island offer an incredible experience. People become so spellbound by the scuba diving and the lifestyle on offer that they choose to extend their stay to train up to Divemaster level and sometimes Scuba Diving Instructor.

You get to enjoy your days and nights doing what you enjoy most while meeting new, like-minded people everyday – some of who will stay friends for life. The cost of living on Koh Tao is cheap, meals and drinks are easily affordable with plenty of options to eat delicious Thai food or enjoy your comfort food from back home.

Imagine never having to cook or do your own laundry as you relax and think about how to get the most fun out of your day. Investing in a PADI Divemaster course on a gap year with Crystal Dive means you live on a tropical island paradise, train to become a PADI Pro, gain real diving experience and thoroughly enjoy life.

Become a Scuba Diving Pro

Our Scuba Diving Internships offer a comprehensive, flexible and modern approach to diver training perfect for any aspiring scuba diving professional and gap year student.

The Crystal Dive Koh Tao Divemaster course takes between 8 to 12 weeks living on an island that lives and breathes scuba, chilling, partying and diving every day. You will be living a life with the best office in the world! You will discover one of the most amazing lifestyles and gain a professional level qualification enabling you to work and get paid in the scuba diving industry all over the world.

For gap year students we operate a flexi scheduling and student focused approach for those who prefer a less intensive, chilled out Divemaster program.

However, our Divemaster course is not just about diving. It is designed to help with personal development and build leadership qualities, communication and teamwork skills.

Divemaster at Crystal Dive will develop a highly valued skill-set including planning, incident prevention and how to react to and deal with potential hazards and problems. You will develop a deeper understanding of the physics, physiology and theory of diving as well as evaluating environmental conditions.

Your confidence and self esteem will grow as you build relationships with people from all over the world and help them to complete the courses they have enrolled on with Crystal Dive.

Should you wish to stay on Koh Tao after your Divemaster training, we also offer a working internship so you can work alongside our Divemaster team taking out our customers and further enhancing your Divemaser skills.

Afterwards you will be qualified to gain paid work as a Divemaster at our resort or one of the many dive resorts located in Koh Tao or if you wish to move on and work at another destination as you travel around the world.

Going from ‘zero to hero’ means you will gain the following PADI diving certifications on our lifestyle program.

  • Open Water
  • Advanced Open Water
  • Emergency First Responder
  • Rescue Diver
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Divemaster

For all our courses we use the PADI training accreditation. PADI is widely accepted to be the number one diving agency in the world whilst easily being the most recognized diver certification.

Completing a PADI Divemaster internship means you will join the elite ranks of becoming a PADI Professional and hold certification for the most popular pro dive course in the world. You are eligible to gain employment around the world as a much sought after PADI Divemaster.

Adding a Personal Touch

Our Divemaster program is conducted by our dedicated Master Instructors who supervise the program and conduct your workshops and skill circuits. You also elect and choose a Mentor who is an experienced instructor and who works with you to address any issues you have and oversees your program.

Your Mentor is there to provide help, tips and hints to ensure you are making progress throughout the course. You work alongside very experienced professionals in real life teaching scenarios that helps you to improve your understanding and knowledge as a Divemaster candidate.

Our Divemaster Program Extras

As a part of your Divemaster training, Crystal Dive gives you added extras that provide you with more focused training and help your knowledge and understanding of scuba and the marine environment.

You can participate in the weekly Eco events offered by Eco Koh Tao including maintaining our very own artificial house reef Junkyard. Other activities will be beach clean ups, reef-cleaning dives and an underwater coral health watch.

Eco work gives you a lot of personal satisfaction and your contribution helps make a difference and keeps the island clean above and below the water, reducing our impact on the environment.

After a day of making a difference, you can end the day with some sunset beers in our beach bar overlooking the sea of the Gulf of Thailand.

We also give you an introduction to freediving to open up a new avenue of underwater adventure with our very own freediving specialist who is also the only PADI instructor trainer on the island.

We will also train you to become a scuba diving equipment specialist working with our very own technician so you can understand how scuba systems work and how to maintain and repair them.

Fun Diving Around Koh Tao

One of the reasons Koh Tao is such a popular Divemaster training location is the popularity and choice of dive sites that encircle the island and provide exciting underwater experiences.

As part of our Divemaster lifestyle package we offer Free Diving For Life meaning however long it takes to complete your Divemaster gap year course, diving is free. When you choose to return to Koh Tao at a future date, you can jump on our boat and go diving as much as you want.

The most popular dive site is Chumpon Pinnacle that enjoys the most incredible marine diversity and if you dive the site regularly, it is highly likely you will see a whale shark as well as enjoy the huge schools of fishlike Trevally, Barracuda and Bat Fish that are always present around this incredible deep dive site.

Koh Tao has over 26 dive sites close to the island ranging from shallow coral reefs, artificial reefs, giant boulders, small caves and swim through’s to deeper outer laying pinnacles. There are also two wreck dives within a 25 minutes trip from our pier for you to explore.

Benefits of Taking Your Divemaster Course

A fantastic way to meet and socialise with new and like minded people and talk about your diving adventures and previous travels over a sunset beer or a meal.

Everything is prearranged for you, including all of your diving, accommodation and transfers.

A very impressive certification to add onto your Curriculum Vitae that will help with future job or university applications.

A great way of extending your travels over a couple of months and incorporating it into your round the world trip.

A fantastic opportunity to get a job abroad to further increase your earning potential whilst you are on your gap year travels.

Building experience in a position of responsibility, as a valued staff member you can get some great working experience with a really fun job.

The PADI Divemaster course is the most popular pro level diver course in the world. Incorporating it into your world travel itinerary or gap year travels, provides real value and benefit. In addition to it being adventurous and fun, you will build meaningful, lasting relationships with people from around the world and enjoy a real sense of personal satisfaction and achievement.

Come and join in the fun..!!

Author: Neil Davidson (PADI MSDT #294100)

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