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Crystal Dive – Divemaster Internship – Edward Carswell

Crystal Dive – Divemaster Internship – Edward Carswell
Name: Edward Carswell
Hometown: Perth, Scotland
Age: 26
Internship: PADI Divemaster

What ‘Diving Lifestyle’ Internship program did you complete?

Advanced Open Water to Divemaster


What where you doing before you joined Crystal Dive’s team to complete your scuba diving internship (Diving Lifestyle Program) on Koh Tao?

Working in a car dealership washing and cleaning cars and event/team building instructing at weekends.

How long have you spent completing your scuba diving internship?

Around 8 weeks from starting my advanced open water to completing my Divemaster. I was also ill for 5 days during my divemaster.


What was your favourite part of the scuba diving Internship and why?

My favourite part was working alongside the great team at crystal and seeing the different teaching styles as I am interested in continuing my dive training and becoming an instructor.

What was your least favourite part and why?

My least favourite part was when I was sick for 5 days as I found some of the days felt long.

Who was your favourite Instructor and why?

I liked helping out Keri as she was a good laugh and was very easy to get on with. She also gave off a positive attitude to the students and helped the students feel at easy during what is a very different experience while doing the Open Water course.


As a qualified PADI Divemaster what are your future plans with regards to scuba?

I would like to find work as a divemaster in Australia when I start my working visa but if that is not a possibility I would keep it up as a hobby and eventually save up until I can come back to crystal and Koh Tao to do my PADI Instructor course.

www.crystaldive.com-edward-carswell-divemaster-internship-koh-tao-2And what about Koh Tao?

I really enjoyed being on the island as there was enough variety on the island at night to keep you entertained.

And your favourite restaurant on Koh Tao?

The restaurants that I enjoyed the most would have to be Neptunes as they has some of the best pizzas around and offered great value for money.

Bam bams as was very cheap and got a lot for your money and enjoy for the same reason as bam bams.

Where are you heading next?

I am making my way over to the other side of Thailand and down towards Singapore but stopping off at different places in Malaysia on route.

My final destination will be Australia where I plan to earn some more money and keep on diving.

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