Becoming A Divemaster - My Koh Tao Experience

Every moment of every day of my Divemaster course on Koh Tao has been amazing!

Becoming A Divemaster

My Crystal Experience divemasterThis time last year I had just finished my Open Water course here at Crystal Dive, Koh Tao. After missing my flight home so I could continue my scuba diving adventure, I completed my advanced course.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came back!

After a few cold months saving up back in England I booked a flight back to Thailand and headed straight back to Koh Tao where I enrolled on a Divemaster Internship program with Crystal Dive.

Now after 6 weeks of the most amazing experiences, I am officially a certified PADI Divemaster!

Initially when I came back I still had my EFR + Rescue Diver course to do; and then I was ready for my Divemaster orientation. In my orientation I was talked through what the next 6 weeks was going to entail and was also given all my Divemaster materials.

Diving For Life!

Week one, I spent every day fun diving! Firstly because to start your Divemaster course you need 40 logged dives, secondly with the lifestyle package you get free dives for life so of course I wanted to take advantage of that straight away! I’m glad I had that week as it was a good way to get back into the swing of things. divemaster-koh-tao

One of the best things about this course is that you can do it at your own pace so in theory I could have fun dived for longer if I wanted to. Some people come here and have a time limit and others, like me, don’t. Either way the Instructors and Course Directors will workaround your schedule to make it work for you.

All the staff at Crystal are around to help make things that bit easier.

Time To Get Stuck In!

After the week of fun diving it was time to get stuck in. Decision one; pick a mentor! When you start your DMT (Divemaster in Training) you pick an instructor to be your mentor, who will guide and help you through the course.

Ultimately your mentor becomes a friend, the person you go and sit with and have a beer at the end of a long day. The person who will give you that extra 5 minutes of their time to make sure you are progressing, or give you a little nudge to get on with things.

The Perfect Learning Curve divemasterHere at Crystal, during the Divemaster course, the workshops and various other things you do, you also have the opportunity to see how different instructors work.

During your DMT here at Crystal you have to assist 3 Open Water courses, 2 Advanced Open Water courses and 1 Rescue Diver course. Every course I assisted with I learnt more and since finishing my Divemaster I have assisted on more courses and even now I am still learning new things.

Different instructors have different styles but all the courses were very exciting to be a part of, to watch some students who are scared and have never been in the water before, to then go on to do dives to 18 meters was pretty amazing.

Each assist came with challenges, but each one was just a new learning curve. By the end of my assists my confidence underwater and helping students had doubled. I began to believe in my abilities as a scuba diver so much more.

Finding Direction In My Life

Along with your course assists you do various workshops where you learn how to guide students and perfect skill demonstrations so you can perform a Scuba Review. You also shadow Crystal’s Divemaster team for a few days where you get to learn all the behind the scenes work which goes into running a busy dive school. I found this to be a lot of fun, as it’s nice to learn all the different aspects of the dive centre and really begin to feel part of the team.

You also get to assist fun dives and eventually one of the final things you have to do is your own fun dive lead. This for most people is the most nerve wracking part! I was worried I wouldn’t find the boat at the end of the dive but soon realized that the worst thing that could happen is that there will be a long surface swim (luckily I actually came up right beside by the boat on both dives!).

I have since taken more fun divers and am yet to have a long surface swim!

The Crystal Family

As well as all the diving and professional experience you gain whilst doing this course you also become a part of the family here at Crystal. I personally have made some great friends whilst doing this course, everyone I have met here staff and students have been so welcoming and friendly.

This course has been what I can only describe as an incredible experience, the days on the boat, the nights out and seeing what I can only describe as another world under the water; every moment of every day of my Divemaster course on Koh Tao has been amazing.

Author: Jasmine Defty (PADI Divemaster #364107)

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