PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Jilly Bijlsma

PADI MSDT Jilly Bijlsma review of her Scuba Diving Internship on Koh Tao

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Jilly Bijlsma

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Jilly Bijlsma
Name: Jilly Bijlsma
Hometown: Groningen, The Netherlands
Age: 21
Internship: PADI Divemaster, Instructor & Master Scuba Diver Trainer Internship

What PADI scuba diving Internship program did you complete?

  • Divemaster Course
  • IDC – Instructor Development Course
  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer – MSDT Internship (Specialty Instructor) diving instructor koh tao

PADI MSDT Internship Koh Tao

What were you doing before you joined Crystal Dive?

After school I knew I didn’t want to follow the traditional path so I got a job saved up money and then I came out here to live on a tropical island

How long have you spent completing your scuba diving internship?

Divemaster – 1 month

MSDT – 3 months dive instructor review koh tao

Teaching Diving Courses on Koh Tao

What was your favourite part of your scuba diving internship and why?

I really love taking students scuba diving for the first time, it’s a very special moment and definitely a rewarding experience.

What was your least favourite and why?

Well I love all the people I’ve met on the island, however because it’s an tropical island people also leave constantly which makes for hard goodbyes. diving instructor review koh tao thailand

A Trigger Fish Moment !

Who was your favourite instructor and why?

Tina is my favourite instructor because she has a very positive teaching style which makes the course very fun but besides that she has a lot of experience which leads to good divers.

During your scuba diving internship which of the additional Marine Conservation ‘ECO’ program activities did you take part in and which did you enjoy the most?

During the divemaster course I did several eco programs such as beach clean ups, cigarette but challenges and snorkel clean ups but the dive against debris dives were by far my favourite, during these dives we cleaned up our dive sites. diving instructor review koh tao

Buoyancy Fun

Do you think our additional Marine Conservation ‘ECO’ program was beneficial to your Professional level scuba diving training and if so why?

The eco programs tought me a lot about how I can contribute to keep our oceans healthy, which I can teach to other divers as well.

As a qualified PADI Divemaster what are your future plans with regards to scuba?

In the future I hope to get different diving jobs around the world so I can explore different coral reefs and keep enjoying the underwater life.

And what about Koh Tao?

Over the past few months I fell in love with Koh Tao, the lifestyle and I made awesome friends so I’m for sure coming back here to live and dive. IDC diving instructor review koh tao

Dive Instructor Congratulations

Favourite Restaurant?

PomSomTam (Nom Tak) is my favourite restaurant, they have great thai food and it’s run by the sweetest people which makes for a really nice atmosphere.

How did you spend your non-diving days?

During my non diving days I spend most of my time working in fishbowl and chilling with friends.

Where are you heading to next?

I have no idea yet of what the future holds.

Crystal Dive Koh Tao

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