"Crystal Kids" – Junior Diver Courses

The earlier the better!

Our youngsters are the future divers & explorers.

Here at Crystal Dive we accommodate for the children with our dedicated “Crystal Kids” program. Using especially accustomed equipment (small regulator mouthpieces, kids masks, junior BCD’s, small tanks etc.) we can get your children in the water and they will have the time of their life.

With our team of multilingual Instructors briefings and instructions for our young divers won’t be a problem and the toys & goodies we have prepared will make it a day to remember.

For our young divers (8+ years) we offer this:

PADI Bubblemaker 

A half or full day experience with a PADI pro.

For half a day we learn some basic safety rules, then it’s off into the pool and we learn to breathe underwater whilst playing games & enjoying the casual experience of being weightless – a first for our ” Crystal Kids ”

In the full day option, we spend an afternoon on the boat and explore some shallow reef sites (max. 4 meter depth) and have some fun identifying all the fish afterwards, when we log our first ocean dive …
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PADI Seal Team Aquamissions

This is the program for the enthusiastic Crystal kids!

There are 15 Aquamissions which will guide our Crystal kids to the basics of scuba diving (Aquamission 1-5) and include typically needed skills like Mask or regulator clearing delivered in a fun and enjoyable way.

To build up on this, there is 10 Specialty Aquamissions that include Navigation & Night Diving, Fish-Identification & even Wreck Diving – all in our Swimming Pool!

Our Master Instructors will take care of your Crystal kids & make it an enjoyable experience for you and the whole family …
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