Eco Diving

Eco diving education includes intensive programs on Marine Resource Management, Project Aware specialty courses and the Reef Check Ecodiver course. Training enables individuals and groups to take an informed approach to and an active role in reef preservation.

Conservation programs include research on and development of reef restorations techniques including Biorock™, coral nurseries, artificial reefs, monthly beach and dive site clean ups & regular reef monitoring through our Reef Check Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP).

For more information about Eco Koh Tao’s marine projects and courses that they conduct, click on the link to visit their website and find out more details about them.

Crystal Dive is fully supportive of conservation efforts.

Eco Koh Tao works with Crystal Dive resort to conduct eco diving courses and help maintain the reefs and environment that we enjoy so much.

Taking a new approach to the preservation and management of marine resources, Eco Koh Tao is leading the way in Environmental education and awareness.

EKT has a wide range of eco diving courses to suit from beginner to professional diver, including 1 week to 6 month internships which helps anyone with even a basic interest in the aquatic world contribute to coral reef rehabilitation, clam nurseries and other exciting projects.

EKT also caters for students collating data for University thesis projects and has had its name published in various scientific papers.

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