"Diving Lifestyle" Divemaster Package

No matter what your current level in diving is, if you are certified or not, our “Diving Lifestyle” Packages allow you to develop your skills & knowledge to become dive leaders …

All our packages are all Inclusive training packages with no hidden cost for your education with us. On top of your education you’ll receive the benefits of a 1-year pro-level dive insurance as well as workshops and introductions to other fields of scuba diving you may be interested in like Videography, Photography, Ecological Monitoring programs or Technical Diving.

And the best: you get UNLIMITED DIVES throughout your course with us! …

Wanna change your life … ?

Scuba diving internships are the modern style of dive training for aspiring PADI Professionals.

Whatever your current level, our all-inclusive “Diving Lifestyle” Internship programs have been a great success.

The majority of our trainees going on to have successful careers within the dive industry, both in Thailand and all around the world.

Already Open Water Diver? Let’s go Advanced!

You know already what it’s like to breathe underwater and to deal with your equipment and stay with your buddy … now it’s time to broaden your horizon and find out what dive activities you’re interested in. Our 2 day PADI Advanced Course is your start to your career in diving.

You might even decide to take a few fun dives or join us for one of our many PADI Speciality Courses before going on to start your EFR & Rescue Diver Courses.

Course Price: 76.500 THB

Not a diver yet? Here we start! …

This is where it starts … you’re about to start your diving career taking the 4 day PADI Open Water Diver Course. Once you absolved this course you’re entering the PADI Advanced Course.

At this stage you might want to build up your dives, confidence and just get a few dives in before you join the EFR & Rescue Diver Courses.

Course Price: 84.500 THB

Already Advanced? Rescue ready!

As an Advanced Open Water Diver you can go straight into our EFR & Rescue Diver Courses.

Depending on how many dives you have under your belt and how comfortable you feel with your general diving skills, you can always opt for some extra dives or start your education with us with one of our many PADI Speciality Courses before getting “Rescue ready”.

Course Price: 68.500 THB

Rescue Diver done!

If you are already certified as a Rescue Diver you can go straight into our Divemaster Training. If you don’t have the required 40 dives for your official course start, build those up for free whilst gaining experience and knowledge alongside our experienced Divemasters & Instructors.

Your Divemaster program will start off with an orientation with our DMT-Coordinators Tina Major & Manu Valdes and you’re on the road to success …

Course Price: 54.500 THB

Required for DM-Lifestyle-Package:

  • minimum age 18 years (for Divemaster Course Start)
  • healthy & fit for diving (if in doubt, check beforehand)
  • proficient swimming abilities & comfort in the water

The “Lifestyle” program is designed as an all inclusive program, so you don’t have to worry abou extra costs for your training once here apart from food & accommodation.

All our “Diving Lifestyle”-Packages include the following Course & Materials (plus additional Courses if starting as Novice – Rescue Diver) as stated in the prices before:

  • PADI Divemaster Course
  • PADI Oxygen Provider Speciality Course
  • Divemaster Crewpack – DETAILS
  • PADI Basic Freediver
  • PADI Equipment Specialist
  • All educational materials & certification costs
  • First Year PADI Membership
  • 1 year In Depths IDEC Gold Plus PRO Diving Insurance
  • Diving Medical
  • Optional “Working Internship”
  • Discover Reef Check – Intro to ecological monitoring programs with Eco Koh Tao
  • UNLIMITED Diving throughout Course!

Not forgetting the hard work and role model standard you will be working towards, there is also the fun side.

After your training, we offer job placing opportunities and our optional 2-week Internship program to give you a head start in the job that is your passion!


With the Padi “Lifestyle Internship” program, we can book a Crystal room for you for periods of 1 – 6 months for just 7.500 Baht per month, or we can help you find other accommodation away from the dive school.

Fancy changing your life … ? Click below and reserve your place.

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