FAQ – Questions? Answers!

Is there a pickup? Getting to us

You’ll arrive at one of the 3 main piers, which are all in a short walking distance. For all ferries arriving in daytime our staff will be waiting upon your arrival with a sign with our name on it at the exit of your ferry. You simply follow them back to Crystal. We provide taxi pickup as well, if you have extensive luggage, but it’s actually faster if you just walk the way.

If you arrive with one of the night ferries from Surat Thani or Chumphon, you’ll be here before anyone on the island is awake (usually around 5 am). Simply walk off the pier, turn left past “Safety Stop Pub” and 100 meters further you’ll find us. Our office is open at 6:30 am to check you in.

Can I pay with Credit Card or other currencies …?

Yes. You can either pay with us in cash or Credit Card. Note though that there’s a 3-5 % charge on any C/C-payments.

For those traveling with travellers cheques or foreign currencies … the local banks are all in walking distance, happily take your currency and exchange it into some hard Thai cash.

For most people it will actually be cheaper & more comfortable to use cash.

There’s always some questions that are easily answered. Then there’s the ones that are very individual. And then there’s the ones we would even have to ask someone else to answer it for us.

No matter what your question might be:

That’s what we’re here for!

Look for the answers to your questions in our FAQ here – and you might get some extra info on the way. If you got any more questions though, don’t hesitate to contact us via email right here.

Can I start my Courses every day?

Yes. We offer all our programs every day. The only exception is the Instructor Course which starts at fixed dates (check our IDC-Schedule here).

Is it possible to start my course the same day I arrive?

It depends – on your arrival time. Apart from the night boat arrival (5 am) we have ferries arriving around 10 am, as well as between 3 – 4 pm. Depending on your time frame you should check the individual course schedule under “Dive Courses” and if necessary we can arrange changes to accommodate your needs.

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