Mat Severance

From: Nashville, Tennessee. Age: 32

Before my internship, I was and currently still am teaching university courses in South Korea.


How long have you spent completing your scuba diving training?

I had a seven week summer vacation and took the majority of that to complete the course…with a few fun dives in the middle for good measure.

What was your favourite part of the scuba diving Internship and why?

My favourite part was the people I met and getting to share a passion of mine with like-minded people.

What was your least favourite part and why?

I am not a morning person so those early mornings were tough, however when I would pop down on Chumphon Pinnacle with 30m+ viz, I couldn’t really complain.

Who was your favourite Instructor and why?

I worked with multiple instructors during my time with Crystal and enjoyed my time with each of them for different reasons. However, I learned a great deal from Tina, my mentor, and from Neal Sanders. Both of them cared a great deal about not only teaching me about being a better diver but were always willing to answer my numerous questions.

As a qualified PADI Divemaster what are your future plans with regards to scuba?

We’ll see, but I am contemplating leaving my classroom for a boat and sunshine…

And what about Koh Tao?

I loved my time on Koh Tao. I do plan to visit again in the next few months (I do have free diving for life!). The food is wonderful, the people are wonderful and the scenery is hard to beat.

And your favourite restaurant on Koh Tao?

Hands-down I’m going with Pranee’s Kitchen. I would often eat there 2-3 times a day; I would do my laundry there as well. They have wonderful food (Thai or Western) and their milkshakes are hard to beat.

How did you spend your non diving days on Koh Tao?

“Non-diving days”..?? I’m not sure I understand this phrase! Unless I had something keeping me from the water, I was diving ever chance I got.

Where are you heading next?

Back to work, but without doubt I will be back to dive with the plethora of friends I made during my time as a DMT.

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