Why book more than one course? Our multilingual Instructors will guide you through your courses from your first breaths underwater as an Open Water Diver through to your first Wreck Penetration Dive as a Specialty Diver or whatever other dives you choose with us and what your diver level may be when you arrive here for your education with us. Making you comfortable is our aim – Being comfortable should be yours. And the best way to do so is to give you one of our Pros to stay on your side for the time you train with us. This is where our Multi Course Packages give you the comfort in your personal education and a guaranteed personal experience.

How do I stay with my Instructor & get my discount? Simply book the first course you’re interested in. You will notice related products at the bottom of the page which you can book as additional courses. Upon check out on our webpage you’ll have an overview about your courses booked with Crystal Dive. Don’t worry, if the order is wrong – we’ll sort it out right here. As soon as you confirm your booking, we will receive your information in our booking system and all your courses will be scheduled for the date you want to & with the same Instructor for the duration of your stay! Now some examples for your Multi Course Packages:

Already Open Water? … Time to broaden your horizon … If you’re already certified as Open Water Diver or equivalent, then it’s time to explore diving activities you’re really interested in. The Advanced Open Water Course is the perfect start with Crystal Dive. Within this course you will get a taste for dive activities you might want to specialize yourself in. So why not think about our PADI Speciality Courses or take it to the next level: PADI Rescue Diver Course. Example Package:

  • Advanced, EFR & Rescue Diver – 5-6 days, 9 dives
  • Specialities: 1-2 days, 2-4 dives per Speciality

MASTER SCUBA DIVER The way to become a Master … The path starts with earning a PADI Open Water Diver certification, followed by PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver (or qualifying certifications). You also need to earn five PADI Specialty Diver certifications and have logged a minimum of 50 dives. Here at Crystal we are teaching all these Courses on a daily base. Our daily dive trips allow you to take part in 4 – 5 dives a day, where else can you achieve this goal any easier?

Multi Course Packages

As an avid diver or an absolute beginner with enough time to spare … you might not only aim to “get your PADI”, but already think ahead and wonder what lies beyond your entry-level experience. Crystal Dive is the perfect place for your education, if you decide to continue your adventure and get more dives under your belt. All our staff is trained to the highest standards with a minimum certification level of MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) – giving you the opportunity of loads of Specialty training to choose from when diving with us.

Do I have to book a set package? NO! You create your own package here online depending on your own background, time frame and dive interests. If you’re a brand new diver, your first step would be the Open Water Course. Once certified you’ve got so many different choices, that’s where your interests come in! No matter what your choice is: when booking multiple courses online you receive the following benefits:

  • discounted accommodation
  • 10% discounts on subsequent courses all along!
  • Instructor continuity – stay with the same PRO!

For Beginners … You might have never been diving or maybe joined a Discover Scuba Dive in a swimming pool or (if you’re lucky) on the Great Barrier Reef. If you feel comfortable in the water with basic swimming abilities and maybe some snorkeling experience, then you should simply start HERE: Book your Open Water & Advanced Open Water Course with Crystal Dive. Where the Open Water Course teaches you the basics, the Advanced Open Water completes the program by adding some fun, confidence & practice! Duration: 6 days, 9 dives

Rescue Diving! … If you’re a Novice, Open Water or Advanced Open Water Diver already – this course is the real deal! We call it “serious fun”, as it is just that … within 3 days (4 days, if you need our EFR First Aid Training) you’ll learn how to prevent emergencies, help yourself and others in need & to deal with any serious injury and dive accident. You can go all the way from OW to Rescue in less than two weeks & you’ll have the time to gain some specialty certifications along the way! Example Packages:

  • Open Water, Advanced, EFR & Rescue Diver – 9-10 days, 13 dives
  • Specialities: 1-2 days, 2-4 dives per Speciality

To book any Multi Course Packages please follow the menus above, locate the starting course for you and then book additional courses using the discounted options at the bottom of the booking page.


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