Our Boats

Our boats, of which we have 3 main ones, are all equipped with toilets, a dry deck for your belongings as well as refreshments on board. Emergency Oxygen, First Aid, Spare Equipment is out with you on each trip. Our experienced staff will make sure that every diver is accounted for when leaving the dive sites, all to make your dives with us a safe and comfortable experience .

As well as our boats, we also offer private speedboat trips for small groups of divers and snorkelers. Please ask at the resort for details and rates for speedboat hire or drop us an email.

Boats at Crystal Dive cater to the needs of all our divers. Whether your diving on a local trip around the island, or on one of our Full Day Trips to the famous Sail Rock, our two main dive boats are the ideal “launch pad!”.
All our boats are moored up right outside Crystal at our own pier. No Taxis or longtail trips needed they are always at your disposal.

Perfect for Special Trips.

We offer a variety of available boat trips, with guides where you can relax in comfort and safety.

If you want to complete your Wreck Specialty course, we also send a separate boat in the afternoon, so you do not have dive from a long tail or rib and can enjoy a chilled out surface interval.

With a minimum number of participants, whenever you book, you will get the boat trip that suits you.


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