Self Reliant Diver Course

If you are a keen photographer, videographer or just someone who enjoys exploring the underwater world with the peace and quiet of your own company then the Self Reliant Diver course is your gateway to a whole new dive experience.

The Self Reliant Diver course allows you freedom to dive independently so that you can focus purely on your subjects and take the much needed time to get the perfects shots that some buddies can find frustrating waiting for.

This 3 dive course will give you the knowledge and confidence to venture out alone whilst maintaining all safe dive practices.

During this course you will learn to calculate SAC Rates, turn points, good buoyancy and trim whilst carrying a redundant air source, and gain the experience to calmly deal with any given emergency.

To take this course, you need to:

Be an Advanced Diver or higher (Other dive organisations equivalents are perfectly fine).

Be 18 years old

Have a minimum of 100 logged dives.

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Accommodation is not included in the price of the course. However we can arrange the duration of stay at the dive school, or assist you in arranging alternative accommodation elsewhere. Click below and reserve your place.!

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