Terms & Conditions

Separate bookings per diver

To secure your booking & Online-Materials we require separate bookings per diver.

    • You can book multiple courses for the same diver, but each diver needs to enter their own information and secure the booking.
    • For your booking you may use the same PayPal Account Information, but it is required that each diver uses their own and unique valid email address. This will give you access to your online-manuals, dive tables, dive app and – once certified – proof of certification and online logbook.
    • Minimum deposits to pay: 25 %, 10 % for bookings of 40.000 Thai Baht or more. Alternately you can pay for your diving activities in Full using our PayPal-Facilities. If refunds are granted, there is a 4 % cancellation fee.

Bookings for Accommodation without diving (Courses and/or Fun Diving) will be disregarded.


For the duration of your certification course you receive discounted accommodation with us to the following conditions:

  • Fan-Bungalow/Room: 400 THB per Night/Room (available as Twin, Double or Triple Bed)
  • A/C-Room: 800 THB per Night/Room (available as Twin or Double Bed Option)


After your initial nights you can stay with us for additional nights (please select upon checkout). The conditions for any additional nights are as follows:

  • Fan-Bungalow/Room: 600 THB per Night/Room
  • A/C-Room: 1.500 THB per Night/Room


Choose your accommodation options & amount of nights upon checkout. All accommodation will be charged at Crystal Dive on Arrival. Upgrades/changes of accommodation at Crystal are subject to availability.
Room-Prices are per Bungalow. If you stay with another diver, please add the name on Checkout. Nondivers do not have to check-in separate and can stay with you in your room for the duration of your course free of charge (at least 1 diver per Bungalow)

Arrival & Course Start Dates

We are flexible …

    • If you are not 100 % sure, when you will actually arrive, book the earliest potential arrival & Course Start Date with us. We can change those dates easily, once your plans are a bit more concrete, if you just send us a quick email to [email protected]/lang.

For any changes we need an email at least 24 hours before planned arrival.

    Deposits are non-refundable, if you have to cancel your holiday, we will secure your booking for a later date at your convenience.


Ex-Students and Divers booking multiple Courses are eligible to Discounts:

  • if you participated in a certification course in the past with us, you receive a 10 % Discount on subsequent Courses you book with us
  • if you book multiple certification courses with us, you will receive a 10 % Discount for any course AFTER your initial course with us. The initial course will be the first course you take with us, for example: Open Water before the Advanced, as they are done in a certain order.
  • Fundives: after a certification course or Scuba Review you will receive your Fundives for the cheapest price of 700 Baht / dive, independent of the total amount of dives you book with us. Single dives on a 2-dive trip will always be charged 1.000 Baht though.
  • Exception: Nitrox-Upgrades with other courses as well as Professional Level Courses are not discounted.
  • Divers with own set of equipment (except Tanks & Weights) receive a general discount of 15 % on their diving activities. No further discounts apply. Non-Diving Courses (EFR, Equipment-Specialty etc.) are excluded from this discount.
  • All Discounts will be applied onsite on arrival with full course payment to be taken to secure your discount.

Please note that agreement to these terms and conditions are binding upon booking any courses, accommodation or fun diving at Crystal Dive.

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