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Duties of a PADI Divemaster on Koh Tao

A Day In The Life of a PADI Divemaster

At 6:40am the Divemaster team starts work; scheduling would have been done the previous evening so we all know what we will be doing. As a member of the team we will be doing one of many things….

  • Surface cover (Boat master)
  • DMing (taking customers fun diving.)
  • Office (dealing with check-ins, making boat lists and being in charge of general office work.)
  • Scuba reviews (a refresher course for certified divers that haven’t dived in 6 months or longer)
  • Land (preparing the boats for the afternoon, shifting tanks and packing for the afternoon boats)
  • Pumping nitrox tanks
  • Market (going to our Crystal workshop where students go to do their Equipment Specialty, and helping fix various diving equipment.)
  • Teaching PADI courses (the Instructors on the Divemaster team that is) scheduled for the office, our first duty is to set up the morning boats so they are ready to depart the pier by 7am.

We load the long tail with the regulators and masks that we need for the boat; also a spare kit bag and anything else that is needed, then we grab the first aid kit and oxygen tank and walk down to the boat.

Once we are on the boat we count Tanks, regulators, weights, weight belts and masks just to make sure we have everything we need for the morning dives.

If you are on the morning boat you will then head back to pick up your stuff and if you are DMing to get your customers.

If you are not on the boat you will stay on the boat to meet and greet customers and help them with their bags.

BOATS ARE READY! shouting to let instructors and students know the boats are ready, instructors alongside their students will to head down to the boat.

Last on the boat will be surface cover after checking that there are no dive bags left and everyone has gone, surface cover will then head down to the boat to start the roll call.

Roll Calls

Once at the boat, surface cover will get everybody upstairs and start a roll call to make sure everyone who is suppose to be on the boat is there.

Throughout the morning we do 3 roll calls, when we first get on the boat, again after the first dive and lastly just before we leave the second dive site to come back, just to make sure we have everyone!

We also record all the Crystal equipment that is being used and every group’s time of descent and the time all the groups arrive back at the surface.


If we are DMing when we get on the boat we will get our customers to our allocated area on the boat and help them set up their equipment before heading upstairs for the roll call. After the roll call is done and the boat is on its way to the first dive site we will get our group of fun divers together and give them a briefing of the dive.

Before every dive we brief our customers to tell them about the dive sites, what they might see and just to remind them of safety procedures. Then once arriving at the dive sites getting them ready to go diving!

Whilst taking customers diving our biggest aim is to make sure everybody stays safe, to make sure we are not harming the environment, sticking to our Eco rules and of course to make sure everyone is having fun!

Underwater, we guide customers around the dive site pointing out various different fish and corals. We also check on customers air throughout the dive and make sure everyone is ok and enjoying themselves.

At the end of the dive we then get them back on the boat and get everyone getting their tanks changed over ready for the second dive before going upstairs for the next roll call and briefing.

Land Duties

Land; once meet and greet is done anybody that is on land will head back to the office, order breakfast and start cleaning the kit room. Once the kit room is clean it is normally breakfast time! If you have a Scuba Review, this will start at 8am so the Divemaster will set up the tanks and equipment before the student arrives.

A Scuba review from start to finish will normally take 1 to 2 hours, a quick knowledge review to refresh your memory and then into the swimming pool.

Equipment Maintenance

Occasionally a member of the team will go up to market and help Kiwi fix some broken regulators or service regulators. I remember going up for the first time and not having a clue what to do but Kiwi taught me a lot, although I do think that day I caused more harm than good!

Now I am a lot better at helping I can actually fix things without hurting myself or breaking anything! Saying that I am still useless with a spanner!

Unless you are in the office in the afternoon it will all swap around and we will all be doing different things to what we did in the morning. That is one of the things I love about this job, it is always different. Every 4 days we rotate office days which is always nice we all like the days away from water and get to chat to customers about what we love doing!

Once the afternoon boat is back we all unload the boats and start the daily count to make sure we have all equipment back in the kit room.

5pm – Beer time!

Author: Jasmine Defty (PADI DM #364107)

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