PADI Freediver Course information

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The PADI Freediver course is your first step into freediving, the purest form of exploring underwater world. This course is specifically created for those who have little or no experience in the ocean without scuba gear. You don’t need any previous experience in snorkeling or scuba diving.

During this course you will learn proper breathing techniques, safety procedures and efficient finning techniques, which will allow you to dive down to 16 meters and hold your breath over 1.30 minutes.

Sounds impossible to do it in a few days? With the help of our experienced PADI Freediving Instructors you will achieve it in a fun and relaxed way.

Our PADI Freediver course package includes:

  • PADI Freediver course
  • PADI Freediver touch tablet app and certification card
  • Rental of all freediving equipment
  • Pick up service from the pier
  • Great location on the beach


To enrol on a PADI Freediver course you must be 15 year old.

Course Schedule:

We conduct PADI Freediver course over two days. The course consists of three parts – knowledge development, confined water session and two open water sessions.

  • Knowledge development – conducted in our a/c cooled classrooms
  • Confined water training – conducted in our purpose built swimming pool
  • Open water sessions – conducted from our special freediving boat

Our PADI Freediver course schedule is flexible and we adapt the itinerary to fit around your personal travel plans. Our standard course schedule is as follows:

Day 1
Knowledge development, confined water training in a swimming pool

Day 2
Two Open Water sessions

BOOK NOW    Course Price: 7,000 THB

Freediving ‘Combo’ (Beginners)

Duration – 3 Days

This program is an ideal way to learn Freediving and take your first steps in this sport in a relaxed way. The program includes PADI Freediver course, plus an additional full day of Freediving training (morning relaxation breathing and pool training, afternoon open water training).

We will go beyond PADI Freediver course on this program and learn how to improve your relaxation, how to organise your own training in the pool and open water, how to supervise your buddy, how to perfect your equalisation, and much more.

BOOK NOW    Course Price: 8,000 THB*

*Additional training day – 1,100 THB


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