Digital Underwater Photography course information

BOOK NOW Course Price: 5,900 THB (2 dives) + 1,350 THB Camera Rental

Want To Shoot Some Fish?

Underwater photography is increasingly popular within scuba diving and one of the fastest growing speciality areas.

With so many different underwater cameras to choose from it has become easier than ever before to capture top class images of your dive adventures – and of course its lots of fun too!

Our PADI Digital Underwater Photography course package includes:

  • PADI Digital Underwater Photography course
  • Rental of all scuba equipment
  • FREE Dive Computer Rental (diving with computers >>)
  • PADI manual & PADI Certification card
  • Crystal Dive log book
  • Pick up service from pier
  • Great location on the beach

Underwater photography is both captivating and challenging – whether from an artistic perspective or an educational standpoint of capturing images to identify different marine life species you are observing underwater. We can guarantee that you will become fully engrossed in your new hobby.

BOOK NOW    Course Price: 5,900 THB (2 dives) + 1,350 THB Camera Rental

The PADI Digital Underwater Photography course will get you going quickly with today’s modern digital equipment regardless of what type of digital camera you use.

You will not just learn how to capture some great underwater memories but will also improve your buoyancy and general diving skills in the process.

What you will learn.

  • How to choose the right underwater camera system
  • ‘Shoot, Examine, Adjust’ method for getting great shots quickly
  • Principles for good composition of underwater images
  • Practical techniques to take great shots with your digital camera

Digital Underwater Photography – Course Schedule:

The Digital Underwater Photography course is scheduled over a full day and consists of two training dives.

The standard schedule would be to meet at 9am, complete knowledge development – which includes camera techniques, camera maintenance / preparation, composition and macro photography.

Once your Instructor has reviewed this with you we will talk about the specific skills you will be completing that afternoon. After lunch we will go diving, visiting one of the many dive sites in and around Koh Tao.

BOOK NOW     Course Price: 5,900 THB (2 dives) + 1,350 THB Camera Rental


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