Underwater Videography Course information

All Crystal Dive’s underwater videography training courses and film making services are provided by our own, in house production team Crystal Images.

Formed 6 years ago by a group of creative film makers with varying diving and videography backgrounds, Crystal Images mission statement is to provide the best training in underwater cinematography and photography on Koh Tao.

For this purpose Crystal Images have created unique courses designed for a variety of applications.

Using Mac & PC workstations, with a host of software applications bringing the underwater world on Koh Tao to life, we can guide you through your training, culminating in a full HD portfolio that you’ll be proud to show any potential employer.

Underwater Videography Courses

PADI Basic Underwater Videography Course

Course Price: 12,000 THB

Diver Prerequisites

PADI Open Water Diver or Equivalent

What Will You Learn

  • Basic filming techniques, shot lengths and sequencing
  • Improved Buoyancy skills
  • Considering diver safety whilst using underwater camera equipment
  • Basic movie editing using Adobe Premiere

Course Schedule

The course consists of 4 dives over 2 days. Diving will commence in the mornings whilst the afternoons will be spent editing the mornings footage. All PADI materials and camera equipment is included.

Advanced Underwater Videography Course

Course Price: 30,000 THB

Diver Prerequisites

PADI Open Water Diver or Equivalent (minimum 50 logged dives)

What Will You Learn

  • Everything included from the PADI Underwater Videography Course
  • Professional filming skills and techniques
  • Subject approach and exit methods
  • All the aspects to bring together perfect composition
  • Perfected Buoyancy Skills
  • Eco awareness
  • Professional movie editing skills using Adobe Premiere
  • Learn to produce an 8-10 minute showreel worthy of a public viewing

Underwater Videography – Koh Tao, Thailand – Course Schedule

The course consists of 14 dives over 8 days. Diving will generally take place in the morning, returning to the studio to edit in the afternoon.

Small changes to this maybe made dependent on weather conditions and available dive sites. A full one day off is scheduled mid course.

All required PADI materials and professional camera equipment is included.

Professional Underwater Videography Course & Paid Internship

Course Price: 50,000 THB

Diver Prerequisites

PADI Rescue Diver or Equivalent (minimum 100 logged dives)

What Will You Learn

  • Everything Included from the PADI Basic and Advanced Underwater Videography Courses
  • Skills and Techniques for filming land based subjects
  • How to film, edit and produce a 15-20 minute movie in 1 day
  • Salesmanship. How to present and sell your work to potential customers
  • The opportunity to take the Crystal Images paid Internship

Course Schedule

The Course consists of 26 dives over 16 days. Diving will generally commence in the morning, returning to the studio to edit in the afternoon. Small changes maybe made due to weather conditions and available dive sites.

2 days off will be scheduled throughout the course. All PADI materials and professional camera equipment are included.

Broadcast Documentary Course

Course Price: 90,000 THB

Diver Prerequisites

PADI Dive Master or Equivalent with PADI Self Reliant Certification.
(Must have completed Crystal Images Pro Underwater Videography Course or similar)

What Will You Learn

  • Train in the art of conception, storyboarding, treatment, commissioning, preproduction, shot lists, narration, special effects and much much more.
  • Specifically aimed at the more experienced individual to show them how to create a
  • Broadcast Documentary
  • Produce a 30-45 minute Documentary on your chosen subject(s)
  • Be guided through every step by our professionals who have experience with the BBC and National Geographic

Course Schedule

Course duration is between 4 and 6 weeks with unlimited diving. The first 10-14 days are land based and consist of producing an approved treatment, script, shot list and budget.

Once approved we take to the water as many times as is required to obtain the necessary footage to build your documentary.

Editing is scheduled around dive times. All professional camera equipment is included.

Video Editing Workshop

Course Price: 3,000 THB

1 Day – Office based, editing introduction.

Take our 1 day video editing workshop and learn basic and advanced techniques to bring your footage to life!

Using Adobe Premiere CC. Included is hints and tips on sequencing shots to make your editing life easier.

Macbook Pro available for editing

Self Reliant Diver

Course Price: 10,000 THB

Diver Prerequisites

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (minimum 100 logged dives)

What Will You Learn

  • How to accurately calculate SAC rates and turn points
  • How to safely deal with an out of air emergency whilst diving without a buddy
  • How to keep calm and act under any given diving emergency
  • How to stay in communication with your surface cover whilst solo diving
  • Enjoy the freedom of exploring the underwater world on your own

Course Schedule

Day 1

Morning – Academics, Knowledge Review
Afternoon – Dives 1 & 2

Day 2

Morning – Dives 3 & 4

Your Dives, Your Experience, Your Movie

Price: from 1,500 THB

Whether you are fun diving with Crystal Dive Resort, or experiencing Scuba Diving for your very first time let Crystal Images capture every moment in High Definition.

Our professionally trained videographer will accompany you throughout your dives and using broadcast quality cameras we will document every moment of your experience.

Using the very latest in editing software we will produce your own movie for you to share with family and friends.

For more information please speak to the Crystal Images Team or your Dive Instructor.

Contact Details

Email[email protected]
Phone: +66 (0)92 476 4110


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