The PADI open water course is the world’s most popular entry level diving course.



If you are an explorer and haven’t spent more time underwater than a short snorkel trip, then it’s time to get started!

Ever wondered, what it’s like to breathe underwater? To have fish swim around you and watching coral closely without having to think about the next breath you can take?

If you’re an explorer or just like nature and wildlife or want another challenge: the PADI Open Water Diver course is the perfect base to start your adventure.

In this course you will learn all the basics of safe scuba diving including dive theory and the skills you need, first in a shallow swimming pool followed by some amazing dives in the warm tropical waters of Koh Tao.

You will be accompanied and instructed at your own pace by one of our multilingual Instructors, who will teach you from the beginning to the end to get your PADI … and make some new buddies along the way.

We teach all courses at your pace, which makes it the perfect holiday experience!


Within 3 – 4 days, you will become a diver to dive independent from a professional to 18 m (60 feet) with a dive buddy! … Here is what you need for it:

To become a scuba diver, you don’t need to be an athlete or hardcore fit. You just need to have the passion and be open-minded to try something new.

It will help, if you generally feel comfortable in the water and have some basic swimming abilities (as there is a little swimtest as well). If in doubt, just ask us <Contact link>.

To start your course, you will need to be at least 10 years old* and be medically fit for diving. <download medical link>. If in doubt, please check with your physician or ask us <Contact link>.

(*As a diver 10 – 15 year old you will gain the certification as a Junior Open Water Diver. You will have to dive with an adult until 15 years of age. 10-12 year old divers are limited to 12 metres of depth.)

This is how we teach you diving! …:


Depending on your personal schedule we will adjust the program for you and move elements of your personal course to accommodate for your holiday plans, but in general these are the parts of your training:

We will start off with an introduction and a look at all the necessary paperwork. Once we have done this, you will start with the first part of your course: the dive theory. In some videos accompanied by self study you will get introduced in the basics of diving. After your self-study part, your Instructor will walk you through, how this theory is actually used in real-life diving and answer any questions you may have. The theoretical part is split into 5 chapters with a little quiz and an exam at the end (which you won’t be able to fail …).

We usually split the theory over two half days to make it less “dry”. If you really don’t like spending time of your holiday learning theory, check out the PADI E learning-Option We teach all courses at your pace, which makes it the perfect holiday experience!


Your PADI Open Water Course package includes:

  • PADI Open Water Diver course
  • Personal set of scuba equipment throughout your stay
  • FREE use of Dive Computer
  • Personal PADI E-Book & PADI Certification
  • Crystal Dive Logbook & T-Shirt
  • Multilingual personal Instructor
  • Boat trips for your dives
  • Dive Insurance for your dives with us (30 days)
  • SHA+ Recognition with Koh Samui Plus Scheme

PADI E-Learning Open Water Course

PADI eLearning allows you to begin your dive education at your convenience, using your desktop, laptop or mobile device, and finish your training in the water with a PADI Instructor.

With PADI eLearning, you complete the knowledge development portion at your own pace – studying anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection or after you have downloaded the product. If you have a busy schedule or just prefer the convenience of learning from your mobile device or computer, eLearning is a great choice.

PADI E-Learning Open Water Course Includes:

E-learning online PADI Open Water diver manual & PADI certification
PADI Instructor fees
Log Book
Equipment rental


To give you an idea of what your course will look like, here’s an example schedule:

Day 1:

Introduction & Paperwork followed by
Theory 1 & 2 (Videos & Instructor presentations)
– Lunch –
Pool-Session 1 (shallow water skills)

Day 2:

Theory 3 & 4 (Videos & Instructor presentations)
– Lunch –
Pool-Session 2 (shallow & deep water skills)

Day 3:

Theory 5 & Theory Exam, Swimtest
– Lunch –
Open Water Dive 1 & 2 (max. 12 metres)

Day 4:

Open Water Dive 3 & 4 (max. 18 metres)Certification &Celebration!

(+ your own video if you opted to get filmed!)


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PADI Open Water Course



If you stay with us for a few days longer, why not take advantage of our multi-course packages. We offer the whole range from Open Water Diver to Divemaster or Instructor-Level and you get 10 % Discount for your continueing education courses with us upon advanced booking!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the PADI Open Water Course cost on Koh Tao?

The standard price for the PADI Open Water Course is 11,000 baht with no extra fees. This price includes everything that you will need for a successful and fun experience during your PADI Open Water course.

Is Koh Tao open for tourist now?

If you’re planning a visit to one of the islands, here’s what you need to take note of:

· Tourists must have a passport with at least six months validity.

· Travellers need to have been in an approved country for 21 days or more.

· All overseas visitors must be fully vaccinated with a jab approved by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health or the World Health Organisation. This includes the Sinopharm vaccine.

· Proof of return air travel may be provided.

· Overseas visitors need to book to stay in a Samui Extra Plus hotel for the first seven days of any trip, and at an SHA Plus hotel for any remaining days.

· Accommodation must be booked and paid for in advance and all required PCR tests must also be prepaid.

· All tourists need to have travel insurance with Covid-19 treatment coverage of at least US$100,000

· Travellers need to apply to visit Thailand and can do so online here. If applications are approved, travellers will be notified.

Why scuba diving is a great experience?

Many people dream of training to be an astronaut, but only an elite few actually experience weightlessness in outer space. Divers, on the other hand, can get weightless anywhere there’s water – floating above a reef, gliding through a wreck, or hovering mid-water like a genie.

How to get to Koh Tao from Bangkok?

1. Fly from Bangkok to Samui, then catch ferry to Koh Tao
2. Fly from Bangkok to Surat Thani or Chumphon, then catch a ferry to Koh Tao
3. Joint bus (coach) + ferry from Bangkok to Koh Tao
4. Overnight sleeper train + Ferry from Bangkok to Koh Tao

Do you have swimming pool?

Yes, we have two swimming pools.

Our swimming pools are purpose-built for scuba diving and offer you the best possible start on your way to becoming a PADI Open Water diver.

How many days the PADI Open Water course take?

Typically three to four days. But it really does depend on you.

The advantage of using e-learning is that you can do it at your own pace and easily fit it around everything else you have going on.

What included in your PADI Open Water course?

Our PADI Open Water course package include::

  • PADI Open Water course
  • Rental of all scuba equipment.
  • Free use of Dive Computer
  • PADI e-manual & PADI Certification card.
  • Crystal Dive Logbook.
  • Diving Insurance.
  • Pick up service from the pier.
  • Discounted accommodation options.