F.A.Q - Living Costs On Koh Tao

Living costs on the island vary depending on where and what you eat – and drink!

One of the best things about completing your Scuba Internship in Koh Tao is the food. It’s delicious!

And what’s more – it’s so cheap!

If you fall in love with the local cuisine you can eat well for 300 THB a day with some street stalls selling a portion of Pad Thai for as little as 40-50 THB!

There are also some great local sandwich joints and bakeries as well as a large variety of restaurants on Koh Tao that offer tasty cuisine from all over the world – Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Korean, Scandinavian, Mexican, Vegetarian, Spanish – the list just goes on.

If Thai is not your thing, don’t worry. You will still be spoilt as Koh Tao, already a tropical paradise, is developing very much into a foodies paradise too!

You can easily spend 500 THB or more on a meal, for example if you had a tenderloin steak with side orders, then a nice desert. A cold beer is around 70-80 THB in a bar but like everywhere there are markets that sell fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, fish etc. as well as several supermarkets where you can buy a variety of other foodstuffs.

We would recommend you budget for between 500-750 THB per day. If you are determined then of course you can eat for much cheaper but this is living comfortably.

Banking, ATMs, Money

There are lots of ATMs now all over the island and 4 major banks; Bangkok Bank, Krungthai, Siam Commercial & Thanachart all have branch offices on the island. All the banks also have money changes and if it’s an emergency there is also a Western Union on the island.

Check with your local bank about what charges you will incur whilst withdrawing from an ATM in Thailand.

For larger transactions, such as the balance payment on your Internship, or maybe you would like to purchase some diving equipment when you are here, it may be best to make an international bank transfer.

Using a credit card here incurs a 3% charge. It is a good idea to set up internet banking before you leave. It is also a good idea to notify your bank that you will be travelling to Thailand and will be using your ATM and credit card as banks have a habit, when customers haven’t notified them of travel arrangements to freeze accounts and cards.

Post Office

Thailand Post operates Koh Tao’s local post office. Opening hours are 09.00-17.00, 6 days a week and they are closed on Sundays. As with postal services around the world you can receive, or send letters, packages etc and they also operate with International logistics companies such as DHL

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