F.A.Q - Thailand Visas

Please contact your local Thai Embassy / Consulate to arrange your visa and check the latest information and application process.

Visa applications do vary to some degree with certain nationalities.

Each Embassy / Consulate has the power to issue different visas worldwide and change policies at the last minute.

For a list of Thai embassies and consulates around the world, check here: http://www.thaiembassy.org/mainor directly Google your local Embassy / Consulate.

Visa Types, Regulations, Visa Runs

*The visa information on this page is up to date as of November, 2015. All information could be subject to change without notice. Please research what is available to you well in advance of travelling.

‘Visa on Entry’ – 30 Days On Arrival

Most nationalities (but not all!) get 30 days free ‘Visa on Entry’ when arriving in Thailand through an Airport. This is fine if you plan on staying in the Kingdom for less than 30 days. However, do not just rely on this ‘visa on entry’ if you wish to stay more than 30 days.

Single Entry Tourist Visa – 60 Days

You must ensure you enter Thailand within the validity of the visa which is 90 days from date of issue.


If you have already have a 30 day ‘Visa on Entry’ or a 60 day Tourist visa you can now make 1 visa extension by visiting the Immigration office on neighbouring Koh Samui. This extension will give you an additional 30 days at the Immigration Officer’s discretion. This can only be done one time.

New Multiple Entry Tourism Visa (METV)

Starting from November 2015, a new tourist visa was introduced to replace the old visa that had 2 and 3 entries (now discontinued). The new METV is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and allows the holder to enter Thailand as many times as they wish within the 6 months.

Each entry is valid for 60 days. If exiting Thailand before the 60th day all remaining days are lost.

For example; if the METV was issued on 13th November, there will be an ‘Enter Before’ date of 12th May. This means you make your final 60 day entry no later than 11th May. Each time you enter Thailand you will receive a rectangular stamp in your passport stating date of entry and a ‘VALID UNTIL date’ which will be 60 days after entry.

Do not remain in Thailand beyond the VALID UNTIL date! Each time you exit Thailand you will receive a triangular stamp in your passport stating date of exiting Thailand.

Supporting Documents for Scuba Diving Internship Visa

Visas for Thailand are often issued without any supporting documentation, but in some cases the Thai Embassy / Consulate may request additional documentation confirming that you are attending a scuba diving internship whilst in Thailand.

The METV can only be applied for ONLY in your home country, all or some of the following documents might be required (check with you local embassy as their requirements often differ).

1. Minimum 6 months validity of passport
2. Bank statement showing the equivalent of 200,000 THB (approx $US 5,500) retained for 6 months
3. Proof of letter of employment
4. Copy of confirmed air travel ticket
5. Copy of hotel reservation in Thailand

If you are asked, please e-mail us and we will happily provide you with the documents you require.

Visa Runs

*The following information is up to date as of November, 2015 and could be subject to change without notice.

Please research what visa run options are available to you, once you arrive on Koh Tao and well in advance your first visa run. There are organized visa runs for tourists holding the METV that depart from Koh Tao every night except Mondays.

The night boat departs at 23.00, arriving at Chumphon the following early morning. A mini bus journey to Ranong follows, before a boat takes you over the river and into Burma. On your return you will catch the afternoon fast ferry arriving back on Koh Tao at approximately 15.00 taking around 16 hours in total.

And of course, as many of our ‘Interns’ tend to do, the more adventurous option (if you have time) would be to plan in a trip to one of the beautiful countries that border Thailand, taking in more of Thailand along the way and sampling another culture during your trip to Asia.

How To “Work” The METV

Make a border run so you re-enter Thailand 1 day before the “enter before” date, then extend this entry by 30 days! You will get approximately 9 months total time in Thailand if you work the visa like this.

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