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Crystal Dive – Divemaster Internship – Ashley Koepke

Crystal Dive – Divemaster Internship – Ashley Koepke
Name: Ashley Koepke
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 25
Internship: PADI Divemaster

What where you doing before you joined Crystal Dive’s team to complete your scuba diving internship on Koh Tao?

I worked in South Korea for 2 years then travelled through Vietnam and Indonesia before coming to Koh Tao.


How long have you spent completing your scuba diving internship?

I spent 6 weeks completing my divemaster which included a trip to Koh Samui to extend my visa.

What was your favourite part of the scuba diving Internship and why?

My favourite part was being able to dive everyday! There are few things better than being underwater with the fish! Working with the instructors and being able to see people’s reactions to their first underwater experience was incredible.


The course itself was really flexible as well, it was nice to be able to take a day off, go fun diving, and speed up or slow down the course as needed. I was also able to do my Wreck specialty which was so much fun.

What was your least favourite part and why?

My least favourite part was watching all of the PADI videos during orientation. I love being hands on so it was hard to sit through the videos but they do prep you for the weeks ahead. Saying goodbye to all of the amazing people I met was tough as well.

Who was your favourite Instructor and why?

My favourite instructor was Manu. Although he was not officially my mentor, he was someone who influenced me greatly throughout my time at Crystal. I ended up assisting him on several courses and learned so much from him. I constantly had questions for him and he never failed to sit down and answer every single one.


As a qualified PADI Divemaster what are you future plans with regards to scuba?

I plan to come back to Crystal in the future to complete the IDC.

www.crystaldive.com-ashley-koepke-divemaster-internship-review-5And what about Koh Tao?

Koh Tao was recommended to me by a few friends. Anyone you meet who has been to Koh Tao will say that there is something really special about the island and it’s true.

I can’t say exactly what it is, but part of it is the people, the food, the atmosphere. There is a little bit of magic there.

And your favourite restaurant on Koh Tao?

There are so many great places! The places I went to most often were Yangs, Prannee’s and Famosa. For a nicer meal, Whitening, Barracuda and Fizz were great places.

And of course, Zest had the best cappuccinos!

How did you spend your non diving days on Koh Tao?

On non diving days, I spent time relaxing on the beach and getting massages!

Where are you heading next?

Next stop is Taiwan and South Korea to visit some friends, then I will head to Hong Kong to teach and save up for my IDC. I can’t wait to get back to Koh Tao and Crystal!

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