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Crystal Dive – Divemaster Internship – Becky Campbell

Crystal Dive – Divemaster Internship – Becky Campbell
Name: Becky Campbell
Hometown: Crewe, England
Age: 18
Internship: PADI Divemaster

What ‘Diving Lifestyle’ Internship program did you complete?

PADI Open Water to Divemaster

www.crystaldive.com-becky-campbell-divemaster-internship-review-1What where you doing before you joined Crystal Dive’s team to complete your scuba diving internship (Diving Lifestyle Program) on Koh Tao?

Just finished 6th form.

How long have you spent completing your scuba diving internship?

2 months.

What was your favourite part of the scuba diving Internship and why?

Assisting in the rescue course was my favourite part as it was really fun and you got to test the new rescue divers.

What was your least favourite part and why?

Navigating the dive sites because I’m really bad at it!

Who was your favourite Instructor and why?

All the instructors are very good, but Neil, Carsten and Andy all help me the most during my time and on my courses.

As a qualified PADI Divemaster what are your future plans with regards to scuba?

I plan to get as many dives as possible in different places and maybe take some more diving courses at some point in the future.

And what about Koh Tao?

Koh Tao is a really good place to stay as it is very laid back but there is still a lot to do and you have a good mix of different types of food available and everything is really cheap. All the people are very friendly and helpful as well.


And your favourite restaurant on Koh Tao?

Café del Sol – they do a good lasagne.

How did you spend your non diving days on Koh Tao?

Going to the beach or to the leisure park to play golf or just hanging at Crystal Bar with people

Where are you heading next?

Home and on to university.

Crystal Dive Koh Tao

7/1 Moo 2
Tambon Ko Tao
Koh Tao
Surat Thani

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