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Meet our Interns and read about their experience on a Koh Tao Divemaster Internship

PADI Divemaster Internship Hali Nauta

PADI Divemaster Internship Hali Nauta
Name: Hali Nauta
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Age: 26
Internship: PADI Divemaster Lifestyle internship Program

What PADI scuba diving Internship program did you complete?

Advanced to Divemaster lifestyle internship program 

What were you doing before you joined Crystal Dive?

I was working as an au pair and personal assistant. padi divemaster course koh tao thailand

How long have you spent completing your scuba diving internship?

It took me around 6 weeks from starting my advanced to finishing my dive master.

What was your favourite part of your scuba diving internship and why?

Doing this internship I became a really awesome, mermaid version of myself, and with that came new, incredible friends and experiences. Being able to be underwater almost all day, every day and then on land getting to spend time with people who share the same love of the ocean and island life all made the entire experience amazing! padi divemaster course on koh tao

What was your least favourite and why?

Overthinking everything. I got worried and worked up about things like getting lost underwater, and not having perfect trim or my air consumption. But after a little while, I realised that all these things just took some practise and everyone here is so helpful and understanding that there was no reason to worry.     

Who was your favourite instructor and why?

Magnus was my mentor and he was there for me through the whole process of becoming a dive master. He constantly supported me through all my anxieties about doing my fun dive lead and getting lost, and was someone I learnt a lot from. We formed a really close bond, me being the ditzy mermaid and him being the serious tec diver. We even got mentor/mentee matching tattoos at the end of my dive master. divemaster course koh tao

During your scuba diving internship which of the additional Marine Conservation ‘ECO’ program activities did you take part in and which did you enjoy the most?

I did beach clean up, reef maintenance and dive for debris. I enjoyed dive for debris the most because I was able to be underwater and doing my part to clean up the ocean and save a turtle or two.

Do you think our additional Marine Conservation ‘ECO’ program was beneficial to your Professional level scuba diving training and if so why?

Of course! It is vital that we all do our part to help preserve our oceans, and doing this program helped educate me about what needs to be done to ensure there is a future for the beautiful coral reefs and sea creatures we love and enabled me to actually put that education into practice.   

As a qualified PADI Divemaster what are your future plans with regards to scuba?

I am currently working at Crystal as a Dive Master and I plan to do my IDC early next year with Crystal. padi divemaster course koh tao hali nauta

And what about Koh Tao:

Koh Tao is a different world. People come here for 2 days and are still here after 4 years. Time works differently, the dress code is different, the rules we’ve all created for ourselves seem to fall away here which is why I think so many people just can’t leave, or keep coming back. Koh Tao isn’t like the rest of Thailand, it isn’t like anything really, it’s a small piece of heaven where you feel completely free.

Favourite Restaurant?

This isn’t a restaurant, but there is a lady opposite the 7/11 that sells fried chicken on a stick. Since I’ve arrived here I think I’ve gotten chicken from her almost every single day. She sells out fast so you have to get there early. Everyone just calls her the chicken lady. Hands down the best fried chicken you’ve ever had! padi divemaster course koh tao

How did you spend your non-diving days?

I rented a scooter and then learnt how to drive one. I then found a friend who could actually drive a scooter and we went on a tour of the island. I went to Love Koh Tao view point and went to Freedom beach. I also went to see baby turtles at the New Heaven Turtle Sanctuary. I ate cheesecake at Coconut Monkey and played very intense games of jenga. To be honest, there weren’t many non diving days, most of the above happened over the 2 or 3 days I wasn’t diving, otherwise I was always in the water.   

Where are you heading to next?

I’m staying here for now, there’s no reason to leave when, in my opinion I’m not going to find any place better for me right now. For me, this island is home.

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