PADI Specialty Instructors are needed around the world in all the exotic locations

成为一名PADI名仕潜水员训练官 - 在寻找梦想的工作时拥有更多选择



Teach Specialty diver courses and unlimited certifications on Team Teaching!

Take Your Diving Career to New Depths with Crystal Dive’s MSDT Program

Are you ready to elevate your diving career and stand out in the professional diving community? Crystal Dive offers an unparalleled Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) program that not only hones your skills but also ensures you emerge as a top-tier PADI instructor. Here’s why Crystal Dive isn’t just your average dive school – it’s a career game-changer.


5 PADI Specialty Trainer Courses with our Course Directors– qualify as a PADI Specialty Instructor
to teach 5 Specialties
◉ Unique Crystal Dive 2-Day Real-Life Teaching Prep
2-6 week Team teaching Internship
alongside our experienced Team
– qualify as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
◉ Gain a minimum of 25 PADI diver level certifications
◉ NO Maximum number of certifications!
◉ Performance based, Personalised & Tailored Program
Free fun diving during the program
Work alongside our DMT Coordinators, conducting and evaluating PADI Divemaster course elements

Specialize and Diversify Your Skills

At Crystal Dive, our MSDT Program – run by our in-house Platinum Course Directors – goes beyond the basics to provide an exceptional range of PADI Specialty Instructor Training courses. By enabling you to teach five PADI Specialties (or more!), our program not only adds depth and variety to your diving and teaching experience but also elevates your profile in the diving industry.

Teach more of what you’re passionate about. Our program allows you to focus on the specialties that excite you the most, making your teaching career as fulfilling as it is successful. Choose from an extensive list of specialties that align with your interests and strengths. Whether it’s Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, Nitrox or Night Diving the choice is yours. Each specialty opens up new avenues for teaching and attracts a diverse range of students.


Seamless Transition from IDC to Teaching – 2 Day PREP

At Crystal Dive, we understand the challenges of moving from your IDC to teaching real life students.
Our unique 2-Day Crystal MSDT Prep program offered nowhere else on the island is designed to smooth this transition, ensuring that you are not just qualified but also confident and ready to lead.

A breakdown of the included topics & practical sessions can be downloaded HERE for your reference.

Team-Teach to Perfection

To gain your MSDT rating you will need to have a minimum of 25 Diving certifications under your belt. Unlike other dive centers that either don’t include team teaching or will consider your internship finished once you have reached the minimum of that 25, we offer you the opportunity to team-teach as many courses as you need, gaining confidence and proficiency with each session.

From the entry level Open Water Diver course, to Rescue diver or PADI specialty diver courses – there are no limits on the variety or amount of team teaches. This approach follows PADI’s ethos on performance based learning and ensures you are well-prepared to lead your own courses independently.

You will have the opportunity to try various teaching methods, helping you to formulate your own unique and effective style of instruction. This personal touch will make your courses more engaging and memorable for you and your students.

The MSDT Internship program involves team teaching all levels of PADI diver courses alongside our experienced Instructional team here at Crystal Dive.

During the first course that you ‘team teach’, you will present 1-2 modules of both knowledge development & confined water training, help student divers overcome learning difficulties in the classroom, whilst problem solving & correcting student divers in the pool.

During the Open water training dives you will conduct skill repetition and also lead the final training dive of the course. We will give you more responsibility in line with your performance as you progress through the Internship.

As your confidence increases, so will your teaching skills. Don’t forget about your organisation skills too, they will become much smoother.

Real Experience with Real Students

 Participate as an instructor with actual students, giving you a taste of real-world teaching scenarios. This hands-on experience is crucial in preparing you for the diverse situations you’ll encounter as a professional instructor.

With each course you will have the chance to take on more responsibility, and receive detailed feedback and advice to aid your progression.

As one of the 10 busiest dive centres worldwide you will have a chance to teach courses without unnecessary delays in your time frame.

As well we will give you an insight in training & coaching of our Divemaster candidates, scoring and evaluating Skill-Circuits and Workshops, a valuable experience for your future employment.

Crystal Dive happy divers in the swimming pool

Efficiency Meets Standards

Learn the art of efficient scheduling while strictly adhering to PADI standards. Our program teaches you to maximize your time and resources, ensuring you provide top-quality training without compromising safety or standards.

Learn techniques that enhance diver safety and teach PADI courses both safely and efficiently. Your ability to ensure student safety while maintaining high teaching standards is a hallmark of a Crystal Dive-trained instructor.

Our program is designed to make you stand out among CVs and resumes. As a Crystal Dive graduate, you’ll be recognized for your comprehensive training and exceptional skill set.

As a more versatile and adaptable instructor, you’ll be an invaluable asset to any dive center. Your ability to teach a wide range of courses and specialties makes you a prime candidate for leading dive teams.

Learn from the Best to Be the Best

Gain invaluable experience and insider tips from our team of highly experienced instructors. All our instructors hold the PADI MSDT rating or higher and have been trained inhouse to ensure continuity in our training standards.

Their extensive knowledge and expertise are pivotal in shaping you into a well-rounded dive professional. You will have the chance to work with different members of the team, all of whom can help you to discover alternative methods to meet performance requirements, enriching your teaching repertoire and enhancing your flexibility as an instructor.


The Internship program is tailored to your personal needs and timeframe. Like every PADI course or program, the MSDT Internship is performance-based, not time-based, a concept we value very high here at Crystal Dive.

Unlike many others, we will give you all the experience you want & need and NO limit for the amount of dives & team teaching experience you want to become a REAL Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

As a more versatile and adaptable instructor, you’ll be an invaluable asset to any dive center. Your ability to teach a wide range of courses and specialties makes you a prime candidate for leading dive teams.

Just the Beginning

At Crystal Dive, we don’t just teach you to dive – we empower you to lead, inspire, and excel. Our MSDT program is more than just a course; it’s an investment in your future as an elite dive professional. Choose Crystal Dive for an unmatched educational experience and take the first step towards a distinguished diving career. Our commitment to your specialization and diversification as a dive instructor ensures that you leave us with not just a certification, but a passport to a world of exciting diving opportunities and a distinguished career in the dive industry.

Embark on a journey with Crystal Dive to become a multifaceted PADI instructor, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and passion to inspire and lead in the underwater world. The ocean is vast, and your potential as a Crystal Dive-trained instructor is limitless. Dive into your future with us, where excellence is not just taught, but instilled.

Don’t go for less than the best! – You will receive the most comprehensive, personalised and tailored program when training with Crystal Dive. And you will leave as an employable and confident new Master Scuba Diver Trainer.


Course Price: 35,000 THB

* Some specialty courses may have extra costs involved i.e. Nitrox, Self Reliant, Sidemount, DPV…

2024 PADI Fees

PADI Instructor Speciality Application
$AUS 131 per Speciality (5 x Specialities = $AUS 655) *

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Application
$AUS 178 / AUS$ 166 for online application*

* Paid directly to PADI via your credit card.


为您的课程 & 潜水日!



可选在Crystal Dive免费实习的机会
* 某些专长课程可能涉及额外费用,例如高氧、独行侠、侧挂、水下推进器等。



2024 PADI 税费

每项专长$AUS131 (5项专长 = $AUS 655) *

$AUS 178 / AUS$ 166 在线申请费



Pay a deposit ฿3,500


2024 PADI 税费

每项专长$AUS131 (5项专长 = $AUS 655) *

$AUS 178 / AUS$ 166 在线申请费