Marine Conservation


This introductory course will teach you what coral is and how it protects our shores, increases marine life populations and providing our planet with many benefits.


The population of these important apex predations is in massive decline. Dismiss the myths and learn about Sharks and their value to the marine ecosystem.

dive against debris

Learn how to remove trash on your dives and record trash data for submission to a global database, to help push governments for policy change.


citizen science overview

4 days packed full of citizen science projects gathering data on a range of aspects of marine conservation issues giving you a great overall picture of marine conservation.

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Get certified as a Reef Check Eco Diver and conduct true research data collection, providing high quality data to marine scientists and global research.

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Learn about the resources available to an ecosystem and how you use them to improve and restore marine environments.  Reef Check Eco diver certification required.

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Ranging from 1 - 12 weeks

Our internships generally run 5 days a week, giving you time to explore the island and enjoy the other activities available here.

You will join our crew and become an integral part of our projects, gathering data and research, conducting maintenance, organising dives, volunteers and more.

If you are planning a thesis, we can also organise research opportunities for you to conduct in-water studies. Please contact us with your research proposal and we can discuss if it is suitable for our environment.

Sign up as many weeks as you would like and join our internship program, to be part of our team and our mission to protect and preserve our marine ecosystem.

If you are a university student, use your term break to get real world experience in marine conservation to bolster your experience and point your career in the right direction.

Get in touch with the team to discuss your internship plans and what you will be doing!

Start a Marine Conservation internship with us and you will get involved in all our activities.

Use the internship program to get the ultimate experience with The Coral Tribe.

Tag on a marine conservation course and earn certifications during the internship to show your knowledge and skills.

You will be conducting citizen science projects, attending workshops, creating artificial structures for coral restoration, joining island wide and DMCR environmental actions, conducting maintenance underwater, collecting data for research, surveying our Adopt A Coral area, gaining experience and knowledge of a true marine conservation organisation.

* Gain real world knowledge with our organisation.
* Gain true experience in Marine Conservation.
* Learn with small groups of 4 or less.
* All materials included.
* All scuba diving equipment included.
* Dive insurance included.
* No hidden extra costs.


DISCOUNTED Accommodation

For your course & diving days!