Ever wondered what history a sunken ship has and what lurks inside?


Within just two days you will learn all the techniques used to safely dive in & around underwater wrecks


In small groups of max. 2 students you will learn all the techniques to become a Wreck Specialist


Ever wondered, what lurks inside and around sunken ships? BECOME a WRECK DIVEr and find out!

The PADI Wreck Diving Specialty is the perfect choice for the underwater explorer that aims to find new and unexploited areas worldwide.

Many sunken ships have not been found yet and are subjects for dive safaris to find new and exciting grounds to explore something new.

Researching the history, layout, general condition, points of interest and potential hazards of a wreck are all covered in the PADI Wreck Diving Specialty Course.

Within just two days and in 4 dives you will learn the necessary techniques to explore inside and outside of a Wreck in a safe way within the limits of recreational diving.

PADI Wreck speciality front gun with fishes around
PADI Wreck Diver

You will progress to become a PADI Wreck Diver in a small group (max. 2 students per instructor) with theory, land based visualisation practice and your 4 Open Water Dives to practice your skills.

Are you ready to “get wrecked”? ….

Your padi wreck specialty course

Learning to safely penetrate underwater wrecks needs a few steps. At the end of your course with us you will be well prepared.

PADI Wreck speciality book map
PADI Wreck speciality land training

Depending on your personal schedule we will adjust the program for you and move elements of your personal course to accommodate for your holiday plans, but in general, these are the parts of your training:


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Part 1: Theory

We will start off your training with the mandatory paperwork and an introduction of the schedule and ourselves.

You will then watch a video to introduce you into the elements, legal advice, considerations, techniques, purpose and reason to dive on wrecks.

The theoretical part of the course includes 2 x Knowledge Reviews, which you can fill with the information of the video and some self-study with your own Wreck Diver Manual.

Once you have completed your Knowledge Reviews, your Instructor will review these with you and give additional information needed before you progress to the next step.

Part 2: Land Practice

There are a few things to consider when you dive on a wreck compared to a coral reef or any other dive site. You need to be aware of potential hazards and the general condition of a wreck as much as its layout for you to get an idea how to plan your dive

In preparation for your Open Water Dives, your Instructor will introduce you to the wreck you are going to visit. You will talk about techniques used to identify potential hazards and judge the general condition to be able to decide whether certain areas are safe or not.

A big part of the land based practice will be to get yourself accustomed to extra safety equipment which you will be carrying to safely enter wrecks during your dives. You will carry a flashlight together with your safety line and practice tying knots and using the lines for communication with your buddy.

Part 3: 4 Wreck Dives

Your 4 x Wreck Specialty Dives are gradually building up on themselves. We generally conduct these 4 dives over two days.

The first and second dive are to get you accustomed to the wreck, to get a feeling about its layout, measurements, potential points of entry and other areas. During these dives you will assess the condition, make notes and draw a map of the wreck as well. You will use this as the main base for the final dives of your PADI Wreck Diving Specialty course and discuss your findings with your Instructor (maybe over a beer in the bar :)…)

On the third dive of your PADI Wreck Diving Specialty Course you will practice techniques to safely enter the wreck on the outside of it. This way you can make sure that what you practiced on land before, will work underwater as well. You will be playing the role of leader and follower and be challenged to lay a line, tie knots where necessary, handle your flashlight or just follow “blindly” where necessary.

The fourth and final dive will be your choice now. You have the option of entering the wreck after planning it together with your Instructor or spend more time on the outside to explore. You will make the plan for and then dive it as your final task to become a PADI Wreck Specialty Diver!

PADI Wreck speciality land training


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PADI Wreck Specialty –
How it works …

To give you an idea of what your padi Wreck Specialty course will look like,

here’s an example schedule:

Day 1


Day 1 - Full Day

Introduction, Paperwork & Theory

– Lunch –

Wreck Dive 1 & 2 (Orientation & Mapping)

Day 2


Day 2 - Full Day

Land Practice (Techniques & Line Practice)

– Lunch –

Wreck Dive 3 & 4
(Practice Skills & Penetration Dive)

However, it’s not all set in stone and you can just book your private course or contact us to request a different schedule that fits you!

PADI wreck diving specialty

To become a Padi wreck diving specialty diver there are some prerequisites:

Minimum Age

The minimum age to sign up for the PADI Wreck Specialty Diver is 15 years, as most wrecks lie deep and the minimum Certification requirement has to be met.

Minimum Certification Level
To become a PADI Wreck Diving Specialty Diver, you will have to be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or hold an equivalent certification of another recognized training agency) and be at least 15 years of age.
Medical Statement

You need to be medically fit for diving. You will find the Medical Statement for Scuba Diving here to download. If in doubt, please check with your physician or ask us before booking your dive experience with us.


To comply with our dive insurance requirements, you will need to have proof (logbook etc.) of a dive within the last 6 months otherwise you will need to take part in our Crystal Dive Scuba Review before taking part in the course to receive our insurance cover.

PADI Wreck speciality diversswim by the back gun
PADI Wreck speciality diver with nitrox tank looking into the wreck
PADI Wreck speciality divers looking in to captains cabin

PADI Wreck Diving Specialty – What’s included?

Our PADI Wreck Diving Specialty package includes:

  • PADI Wreck Diving Specialty Course (max. 2 students per Instructor)
  • Personal set of scuba equipment throughout your stay
  • FREE use of Dive Computer
  • Personal PADI Wreck Diving Manual & PADI Certification
  • Crystal Dive Logbook & T-Shirt
  • Multilingual personal Instructor
  • Boat trips & refreshments for your dives
  • Dive Insurance for your dives with us (30 days)
  • SHA+ Recognition (Read more about the valid Covid-Rules)
  • Discounted Accommodation option
  • 10 % Discount on additional diver level courses & dive equipment purchases with us
PADI Wreck speciality diver swim close to the wreck
PADI Wreck speciality diver swim out from the captains cabin
PADI Wreck speciality diver by the back gun

DISCOUNTED Accommodation

For your course & diving days!

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Become a PADI Wreck Diver with Crystal Dive Koh Tao

The PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course gives you the knowledge and training to enable you to penetrate and explore inside shipwrecks!

Over 2 days you will take 4 dives learning the safety aspects, how to map a wreck, along with practicing using reels to guide your way inside and help you explore hidden areas.


4-Dive-Option: It's the choice if you are completely new to Wreck Diving and haven't done a PADI Wreck Adventure dive yet. You will get the full introduction to Wreck diving.

3-Dive-Option: If you already completed a PADI Wreck Adventure Dive as part of your PADI Advanced Open Water Course or as an individual dive, this may be your choice. This can shorten your schedule as well to one day or allow you to become a PADI Nitrox-Diver in the gained time frame.

PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course

4-Dive-Option: It's the choice if you are completely new to Wreck Diving and haven't done a PADI Wreck Adventure dive yet. You will get the full introduction to Wreck diving.

3-Dive-Option: If you already completed a PADI Wreck Adventure Dive as part of your PADI Advanced Open Water Course or as an individual dive, this may be your choice. This can shorten your schedule as well to one day or allow you to become a PADI Nitrox-Diver in the gained time frame.


PADI Wreck speciality divers descend to the wreck in blue water

During your dives our in-house underwater film company, Crystal Images, will accompany you to capture your experience on film and then edit the footage into a 10 minute movie which we show at the bar that evening. The video is available to purchase by all course students after viewing so you can share your memories with family and friends.

Alternatively, our Underwater Videography team is available to provide you with personal and lasting memories of your experience and offer unique underwater video and photo services for your course. You can choose from a 10 minute land and underwater based video or 10-15 high resolution photographs.

PADI Wreck speciality divers swim at the front of the wreck

These options are available for your PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course and can be booked by choosing the ‘video & photo’ option, in addition to your course booking. Please ask us about group bookings and additional options on other courses.