Change your lifestyle and become a PADI Divemaster.


Our all-inclusive “Diving Lifestyle” packages will bring you from Zero to Hero.

Gap year? Career Break? Change of scenery?

Whichever reason you may have to join us, you will gain new opportunities as a PADI Divemaster

Crystal Dive Koh Tao offers award-winning pro packages

Our “Diving Lifestyle” Divemaster packages will pick you up, where you are now as a diver and turn you into a sought after PADI Divemaster. No matter, if you are a complete beginner or already avid diver, our team of dedicated Instructors will make sure, that you get an all-inclusive program tailored to you.

With our award-winning Pro Diving packages you will get some of the most experienced Instructors worldwide to be your mentors and guide you to become a mentor yourself.

padi divemaster course

the steps to be a pro diver

To reach the first professional diver level as a PADI Divemaster and start your training you will have to hold certifications as Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver, as well a CPR & First-Aid Certification taken within the past 24 months and 40 dives to start with your training to be a PADI Pro Diver.

Our “Diving Lifestyle”-Packages include all of these courses, if you start as complete beginner, or just what you need to get started where you are as a diver already. As well we offer UNLIMITED DIVING throughout your course, so you can easily get the amount of experience, you are looking for in the time frame that suits you!

Change your lifestyle today and join our padi divemaster diving lifestyle package

BECOMe a dive pro on koh tao

Learning to become a Dive Pro on the tropical island of Koh Tao offers you not only breathtaking dive experiences, but as the island is the hotspot of dive education in Southeast Asia, you will be trained by the most experienced instructors in the world here at Crystal Dive. With more than 25 years of experience, 130,000+ certified divers and our rating as a PADI Career Development Center, you are in the best hands to make diving your new career.

personal education

During your courses you will receive personal training by your mentor and we tailor the program to your needs.

Whether you want to take it easy, do it as fast as possible, gain as much experience… the decision is yours. We care, that you get the best out of your package – We don’t set limits, only you do!

What do you need?

Apart from the prerequisite courses and logged dives to reach your goal to become a Divemaster you will need to have a set of all recent PADI-Materials as well as some minimum required diving utensils (like a compass, Surface Marker Buoy, cutting tool etc.) to start with.

Our “Diving Lifestyle”-Packages include not only the bare minimum materials in it, but all you need to become an employable Dive Pro in our FULL Divemaster Crewpack.

As well you get your Application & Membership fee for your First Year as a PADI Divemaster and a Pro-Level personal Dive Accident Insurance with Dive Assist included in our unique packages.

It’s all in – don’t wait and become a real pro!

Turning you into a real Dive Professional is Our goal

We include everything you need as a new Divemaster to actually work in the tourism & diving industry.

This includes all the prerequisite courses as well as free dives for the duration of your stay with us to build up your confidence & experience alike. On top you will get 2 PADI specialties, that will make the difference for you to be employable right away:
The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty &
O2-Provider Specialty Courses


As part of your Divemaster Lifestyle-Package you get the FULL Divemaster Crewpack. Here you can find a list to download for your reference.

These are the prerequisites to join our PADI Divemaster Lifestyle Packages

Minimum Age

To join our PADI Divemaster program you have to be at least 18 years of age.

Fitness & Stamina

For your Open Water Course you will need to prove basic swimming abilities. For your Divemaster Training you will need to progress through a few swim & Rescue tests to show that your swimming abilities are adequate for a Dive Pro. If in doubt, contact us and practice here to build up your stamina.


For our unique Diving Lifestyle Packages you can start at any Certification Level you are now. To officially start with your Divemaster training you will have to be a PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent) and completed the EFR Primary and Secondary Care training (or equivalent) within 24 months before Course start & have proof of 40 dives to start.

Medical Statement

You need to be medically fit for diving. You will find the Medical Statement for Scuba Diving here to download. To participate in a Pro-Level-Training Course you need this Medical signed by a physician issued within 12 months before course start.


To begin with you will sit an Orientation. This is conducted by one of our dedicated ‘Divemaster Candidate Co-ordinators’. Our DMT Co-ordinators will be responsible for supervising your entire course and overseeing your schedule from Day 1.

As well as scheduling they personally conduct the following modules:



DIVEMASTER Deep Diver Workshop

Emergency Assistance Plan

Knowledge Development, Knowledge Reviews & Exams

Water Assessments, Underwater Mapping Project

DIVEMASTER Search & Recovery Workshop

As your Divemaster internship progresses, you’ll gradually assume more responsibility, becoming more and more part of our team.

You’ll be assisting with:

Boat & dive centre logistics

Assisting Scuba Reviews

Delivering briefings to divers

Assisting our Instructors with student diver training

Guiding certified divers on underwater tours

Assisting our Divemasters with certified divers


Become an Instructor on top of your Divemaster Training!


Alongside the Divemaster course we can help organise a range of accommodation to make sure your stay here on Koh Tao is comfortable.

Most long term Dive internship trainees stay at a nearby guesthouse. You can get your own private room with cable TV, fridge, en-suite bathroom, wifi etc. The prices vary depending on size, a/c or fan cooled, whether you want a hot shower and also the season.

If you budget for 10,000 – 14,000 THB per month you will not be disappointed although there are places available from as little as 7,000 THB.

If you prefer something more up market, there are detached private bungalows or houses with multiple bedrooms, kitchens etc. These range from 18,000 – 30,000 THB per month, depending on location, size. etc.

We’re happy to show you around all room options on arrival and help find somewhere you are happy with. And if you have any special requests, please feel free to let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

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Looking for a change of Lifestyle or a new career?
Our DM-Lifestyle packages offer you all-inclusive training packages from your current diver level to fully qualified Divemaster!
PADI Divemasters are the foundation of any dive center and are trained to take out certified divers and assist with divers in training.
With our Diving Lifestyle Package you will have no extra cost for your training to worry about and it even includes your PADI membership for the first year, so you can start to work and gain experience straight away!


What's included?

Diving Lifestyle DM-Internship

What's included?

IDC Add-On Options


What’s included?

PADI Instructor (IDC) course
Free IDC Prep: DM Theory / Skills update
EFR Primary & Secondary Care Instructor Course incl. AED
EFR Care for Children Instructor Course
3 PADI Specialty Training & Certification:
O2 Provider, Dive Against Debris, Shark Conservation
Full IDC Crew Pack including EFRI manual
IDC, EFRI Instructor application and PADI IE fees (2024: AU$ 1,679)
PADI Specialty Instructor Fees x 3 (2024: AU$ 393)
Lunches throughout IDC

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Course:
5 x Specialty Intructor Training Courses
FREE 2-Day Crystal Team-Teaching Prep program
Team Teaching Internship program (min. 25 certifications)
UNLIMITED Teamteaching throughout
Introduction to Divemaster-Training & Evaluation
PADI Specialty Instructor Application Fees (2024: AU$ 131 x 5 = AU$655)
PADI MSDT Application Fee (2024: AU$ 178)