Improve Your Skills Specialty Package

Learn & use specialized skills in different diving activities

Do what you are interested in

With this package, you can choose 3 out of 6 Specialties

Get Special at Crystal Dive Koh Tao

Take 3 PADI Specialties that will broaden your knowledge and skills

“Improve Your Skills”
Specialty Package

As an Open Water Diver you can specialize yourself & choose 3 out of 6 PADI specialty courses for your package!

Did you ever wonder, how your Instructor finds the way underwater, hovers motionless and finds lost objects whilst diving? All these skills are open to you in our “Improve your Skills” PADI Specialty Course Package.

You have the choice… 6 PADI Specialties will help you to improve your skills – Buoyancy Control, Navigation, Night Diving, Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Multilevel & Computer Diving and Search & Recovery.

Depending on your experience you will need somewhat between 4 to 10 dives and 2-5 days to complete your 3 Specialty package.

It will be best to contact us to plan your personal program together with you…

Ready to master perfect buoyancy control, navigate a dive site at day and night, look for lost treasures, learn more about safe computer dives or use an underwater scooter to cover greater distance with less air?

Improve Your Skills Today!…

Improve your skills – get 3 PADI Specialties

you know best what you want to learn – choose 3 out of 6 specialties for your personal Specialty package

Each Specialty takes between 1 to 4 dives (depending on your experience in that area), so the courses can be completed in 2 – 5 days. In general, these are the elements that you will cover in each Specialty:


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Knowledge Development

Each of the 6 Specialties come with a personal manual for you to keep. For some of the Specialties you will also watch a Video that explains techniques used for your dives.

Together with your Instructor you will go through Knowledge Reviews after your self-study to make sure that you have the theoretical knowledge needed to use new skills under water.

There is no exam for these Specialties, so the theory usually only takes half a day

Land Practice

Depending on your choice of Specialty you will spend some time practicing or preparing for your Open Water Dives on land, before you head out to the boat.

You may practice Compass Navigation, Search Patterns and options to relocate a site with landmarks for your Navigation or Search and Recovery dives or practice breathing and relaxation techniques for your Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty.

If you choose Night, DPV or Multilevel Diving you will use this time to prepare your equipment, look at maintenance and creation of backup plans in case of failure.

The land practice will usually take place just before we are heading out to make sure it is all fresh in mind…

Open Water Dives

Each Specialty consists of 2-4 dives (you may have taken 1 of those dives already, if you completed your PADI Adventure or Advanced Open Water Diver).

We will take you on our custom built dive boats and conduct 2 Specialty dives in a day with you. Here you will practice what you learned about in the classroom and in your practice session.

If you choose to take the Night Dive Specialty, you will go on the boat for 2-3 Night Dives spread over multiple days. 


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“IMprove your skills” Package PREREQUISITES:

This is needed to participate in your Specialty Package:

Minimum Certification Level

For most of the Specialties a certification as PADI Open Water Diver (or holding an equivalent certification of another recognized training agency) is sufficient. To participate in the Search & Recovery Specialty, you will need to either hold a certification as PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or take it together with the Navigation Specialty Course.

Minimum Age

The minimum age required for the Peak Performance Buoyancy and Navigation Specialty is 10 years. For all other Specialties you have to be 12 years of age.

Medical Statement

You need to be medically fit for diving. You will find the Medical Statement for Scuba Diving here to download. If in doubt, please check with your physician or ask us before booking your dive experience with us.


To comply with our dive insurance requirements, you will need to have proof (logbook etc.) of a dive within the last 6 months otherwise you will need to take part in our Crystal Dive Scuba Review before taking part in the course to receive our insurance cover.


There are 6 different PADI SPECIALTIES TO CHOOSE FROM – take your pick depending on what you like & your Time on koh tao


1-2 Dives – 1 DAY


Knowledge Development (Knowledge Reviews)

– Lunch –

1-2 Peak Performance Buoyancy Dives



Multilevel Specialty

Knowledge Development (Knowledge Reviews)

– Lunch –

2 Multilevel Dives


1-2 DIVES – 1 DAY

DPV Specialty

Knowledge Development (Knowledge Reviews)

– Lunch –

1-2 Diver Propulsion Vehicle Dives


3-4 DIVES – 2 DAYS

Search & Recovery Specialty

1/2 Day: Knowledge Development (Knowledge Reviews), Land Practice (Search Patterns, Knots, Lifting Devices)

3-4 Dives spread over two days

*need to be PADI Advanced Diver


2-3 DIVES – 1-2 DAYS

Navigation Specialty

1/2 Day: Video, Knowledge Development & Land Practice

2-3 Navigation Dives over 1-2 Days


2-3 DIVES – 2-3 DAYS

Night Diving Specialty

1/2 Day Knowledge Development (Knowledge Reviews), Equipment Preparation, Navigation Practice

2-3 Nightdives over 2-3 days

*can be taken in conjunction with other Specialties

To create a program that fits you and the Specialties of your choice into your time frame, just contact us.

DISCOUNTED Accommodation

For your course & diving days!

Improve Your Skills Package – What’s included?


    PPB/Navigation/Night/Multilevel/Search & Recovery/ DPV (max. 4 students per Instructor)
  • Personal set of scuba equipment throughout your stay
  • FREE use of Dive Computer
  • Personal PADI Manuals/eLearning & PADI Certification
  • Crystal Dive Logbook & T-Shirt
  • Multilingual personal Instructor
  • Boat trips & refreshments for your dives
  • Dive Insurance for your dives with us (30 days)
  • SHA+ Recognition (Read more about the valid Covid-Rules)
  • Discounted Accommodation throughout your courses
  • 10 % Discount on additional diver level courses & dive equipment purchases with us

Book Now

With our “Improve Your Skills” Specialty Package you can combine 3 PADI Specialty Courses of your choice out of these 5 Specialties: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation, Night Diving, Search & Recovery and Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diving. Here at Crystal Dive Koh Tao we will teach you how to safely do all these activities in small groups.

In just 2-5 days you will become a specialist and improve your skills to the maximum possible!

Improve your skills – dive safer and more relaxed!


Choice of options: To put together your perfect package for you, if you have already completed any PADI Adventure Dives in one or more of the Specialty areas. These can be counted and credited towards your personal Specialty package.

To confirm your best option to book a package that suits your needs and time frame, please contact us before booking at any time. Your Specialty package will contain between 4 - 10 dives and take 2 - 5 days to complete.

Improve Your Skills-Package

Choice of options: To put together your perfect package for you, if you have already completed any PADI Adventure Dives in one or more of the Specialty areas. These can be counted and credited towards your personal Specialty package.

To confirm your best option to book a package that suits your needs and time frame, please contact us before booking at any time. Your Specialty package will contain between 4 - 10 dives and take 2 - 5 days to complete.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start my Specialty Package every day?

In general, yes. We start our courses any given day. To secure your desired start date, we recommend booking your Specialty Package online HERE. This will guarantee your placement in a small group of maximum 4 students per Instructor.

Is it possible to change the schedule for my Specialty Package?

Our schedules are flexible and we will do everything to adjust it to your travel plans. Please contact us to arrange for a schedule that suits you within the limits of the Specialties performance requirements.

Is there a shorter option available for the Specialty Package?

Yes! The schedule depends not only on the amount of dives you have already taken, but as well other factors. Contact us at any time for more information.

What are the rates for accommodation?

For your Specialty Package we offer accommodation in a private AC room (choice of Double or Twin) at a discounted rate for the standard course duration of. There are also upgrade options available for the adjacent Koh Tao Regal or Beach Club Resort.. More information here or just contact us directly.

What are the minimum requirements to start my Specialty Package?

The minimum requirements for you to enroll in the Specialty Package are listed here: COURSE PREREQUISITES. If you still have questions about specific requirements or an equivalent certification, please contact us directly.

How many students will be together with me on my Specialty Package?

We pride ourselves to teach our courses personal in groups of max. 4 students per Instructor. If you still prefer a smaller group or a private course please contact us directly. On the other hand, if you travel in a bigger group, please let us know and we arrange for multiple Instructors to teach you together.

Can I take a Go Pro on my dives for the Specialty Courses?

You can take your own camera on any of the dives. Be aware though, that you may be busy with the tasks at hand. A better option may be to arrange for our In-House Video & Photo company Crystal Images to either take professional photos or a broadcast quality video of you on two of your dives. Please contact us or check out your options here.

What other courses can I take if I have some more time after my Specialty Package?

We have put together some recommendations for you under this link for dive activities that you may find interesting after or together with your Specialty Package. If you are interested in other activities, have a look at our shop and check out our multi-course packages as well.

Other Questions?

Please check out our general FAQ-Page which will answer most of your questions about Koh Tao, diving, weather conditions and everything else. Anything that cannot be answered there, please just contact us and we get right back to you!